Rapid Fire: Offensive line clinging to bodies …

The first two-a-day in fall camp and UCLA’s offensive line continues to struggle putting a consistent unit out on the field. Today alone, Tre Hale, Colby Cyburt, Jeff Baca, Simon Goines, Chris Ward and Brett Downey either did not take part in practice or left early for whatever reason. We learned Wednesday night that Ward announced on Facebook he would medically retire. UCLA coach Jim Mora talks a little about it in the video I”ll post in a bit. Hale, Baca, Goines and Cid did not make it out at all today, and Downey left just before the halfway point. I’ll have a video with Xavier Su’a-Filo later and he talks about the lack of cohesion in the unit.

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  • Picard

    I’m tired of our pansy ass O’Line! Why is that almost every guy (minus Xavier Su’a Fila) has taken a Midol break from the heat?


  • Miguel, thanks for this report (and for your excellent reports thus far). Should fans be worried? Sound like this is a major and troublesome development.


  • Semi-Pro

    @ Picard: Hurray for sexist remarks! True Bruin Spirit there, buddy!

  • anonymous

    I think Semi-pro takes midol breaks as well.

  • Semi-Pro,

    Agree with you. I would also like to add that if you think about it with any objectivity, the female body is actually much tougher than the male body. The female body can miraculously give birth to another human being and also sustain life through breast feeding. I bet many men could never withstand the pain of childbirth.

    As compared to the male body, well, any little light punch or kick to the scrotum area and the male body is down for the count with the male wincing in pain.

  • anonymous

    I know Barbara Streisand Fan takes midol breaks.

  • 8 namkiA

    Are you kidding; sexist remarks!?! The world is PC enough, this is a sports blog, not The Huffington Post.

    When women start playing D1 football we’ll start using woman up. How’s that? It’s clear previous coaches adhered to the same attitude you two take, which is exactly why this program has been so freakin’ bad.