As an SC fan, I don’t think Mora had to apologize for something he was not aware of i.e. he stated he does not read the papers, and hence would not have been aware of the SC murders.

    Of course, his comment about how ucla does not endure murders within a block of its campus does speak to the fact that he may have been aware of the SC situation.

    But who cares. SC-ucla disputes have been around for nearly 100-years, and will continue for another

    Quite frankly, I think the arrogant L.A. egotists from both schools are difficult to separate, and definitely deserve each other.


  • Doug

    Coach Mora has nothing to apologize for. Their have been a great many tragic murders, assaults, robberies, etc. around a great many campuses lately. Things that happen in South Central, or in Madison, or wherever are reflective of many of our communities today. For people to jump on a comment that was obviously meant to highlight UCLA and it’s many positive attributes is just symbolic of our politically correct society. Coach Mora also spent a great amount of his coaching time in Atlanta, GA. I am sure he spent a good deal of time at Georgia Tech, which is in the heart of Atlanta. That area, like the area around USC, is a breeding ground for crime. The guy has been surrounded his whole life and seen a great many inner city universities and was simply making a GENERAL STATEMENT that UCLA is in a great area. That is all……how typical of people to make it out as something more. Those are the people who should be ashamed of themselves for making it more than it was and bringing that murder in South Central into the forefront, when it never should have been.

  • SoCaLNative_1959

    Arrogant, insensitive and a lair. Looks like ucla hit a trifexta with this hire.

  • RodneyGuillory

    Anyone who says that every school recruiting against USC doesn’t bring up the bad neighborhood that surrounds it is living in fantasy land.

    Now that we’ve got that settled…who can I wire some money to?

  • Anonymous

    Do you care about the UCLA Bruins? If so, please contact the LA Times sports editor and ask him to remove Chris Foster from the UCLA beat. The guy asks clown questions and is an embarrassment to our football program.

    Maybe Melendez can take over for him at the Times with our help…

  • uclaproflee

    Not the most becoming statement or attitude from Mora, but it isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Negative recruiting happens in any competitive industry. Glad he apologized as it was the right thing to do. We can’t all be like Lame Kiffen who is, per his statement today, “above” that (just not above cheating, lying, being ignorant about NCAA rules, accusing Urban Meyer of something that didn’t happen, etc.).

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    Facepalm! Seriously, if that’s his recruiting pitch it’s no wonder we got handed our lunch by them in recruiting before the season even began. The only way he digs out of this hole is by beating them. I’m seriously pissed, we’ve got elite academics, a national leading athletic program, the best neighborhood in the country, the hottest coeds and our coach resorts to the most basest of attacks.

  • The Blur

    In the irony category, Bruins Nation is accusing the LA Times of running a smear campaign against UCLA. Don’t feel threatened, Nestor and Tydides, the Times can’t hold your jock when it comes to bashing your alma matter.

  • Anonymous

    every year cheating USC employs the term ‘negative recruiting’ because they will always have something wrong with them, so with one fell swoop, they believe they can justify ignoring all the things wrong about them. Every year, they have that dangerous neighborhood where their campus is located, every year they must accept that OJ ruled their hearts and minds and that of the local cops who allowed him to become the man who murdered his ex-wife and her friend, every year they have to accept that their sanctions are ongoing and permanently vacating their many victories. sorry, only the people who choose to believe that sc has integrity as a university can ignore the truth – face up to the scum that your cheating football factory perpetually generates.

  • Anonymous

    Hey BruinFaithful,

    You aren’t the brightest person in the world. You got pissy about a previous post regarding Datone Jones being kicked out of practice. If you would actually pull your head out of the groun you’d know there are rules in place by this UCLA coaching regime to not report certain things that happen during practice. If you don’t care to believe me go to Scout and ask Tracy Pierson, as he said Miguel shouldn’t have posted it.

    Obviously I’m glad Miguel did. He’s killing it out there, but BruinFaithful, you are an idiot for thinking you know what’s going on. Get over yourself and your ego

  • jimmy
  • Miguel M

    Tracy Pierson’s Jock:

    I’ll make sure not to tell anybody the next time Mora sends a player to the showers!!!! I’ll save those inside tips for you, so you can get a good “jump” on him. 🙂

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    CJM’s comments on the radio interview that he tells the parents of recruits that the UCLA campus is a safe environment for their son, i.e., ‘we don’t have murders happening a block from campus,’ is an appropriate comment. Parents are concerned about the safety of their children, and there is nothing wrong with pointing out that Westwood is in a good area of Los Angeles, relatively speaking. In coach parlance, it translates to ‘we don’t have murders happening a block from campus.’ Moreover, if the SUC fans, and Lame Kitten, are getting their panties in a wad, it is because they practice and play in an area which has a markedly higher crime rate than Westwood. So, I undertand their ‘sensitivity’ on this issue. But, it does not change the fact that there is vast difference between Westwood and South Central/Watts. CJM did the right thing to apologize (even though one was not necessary), to end the potential of a protracted distraction. It is clear he had no intent to disparage or act insensitively to the families of the slain USC students. So get over it SUC!

  • http://paukm Ley

    Funny to me in this whole scenario is how Lane Kiffen came out with the “we don’t talk bad about other schools programs”, when that’s exactly what there recruiters were busted doing the last couple of years and how some parents commented that they appreciated UCLA reruiters not bad mouthing other schools!! and the parents mentioned USC by name??? I’m not saying the Bruins have never done it because all programs do but come on Lane do you expect people to beleive that C&%$!!!

  • ProbationU

    They want the truth? They can’t handle the truth!!

    If the neighborhood around SC is so safe, why is Kiffin living in Manhattan Beach? Why don’t Lane and Pat Haden move into the “safe” neighborhood around campus? Why do SC students spend their weekends and evenings in Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Westwood and virtually everywhere but in the neighborhood around the campus?

    The Los Angeles Times ran an article several months ago about how SC wants to develop an area north of campus with movie theaters and businesses that cater to students in a safe environment for them to go off campus, similar to a Westwood type environment.

    The truth hurts, which is why the Trojans are so sensitive about the subject. It is well-known and not just used in athletic recruiting, but in the recruiting of all students as well and factors into the thought process of all students exploring their options.

  • Mike 70

    The ONLY thing ucla has going for it is the campus which is in a crowded, noisy, highly trafficked part of LA. If you actually believe that a crime couldn’t happen in your part of town, keep drinking the kool aid folks. Hey anonymous – is there reason you don’t have a name? Maybe becuase you are an idiot talking about USC recruiting. Maybe you don’t read the papers but the have assembled the #1 CLASS IN THE COUNTRY FOR 2013!!! Where are the power blue and white pansies? We will kick your ass in football for the next 10 years. Get used to it and accept it othwise you folks are going to be real unhappy campers for a long, long time.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Yes, Mike 70, the area around SUC is so mellow that I am sure you let your wife and daughter roam the streets at night unaccompanied. And I am sure you park your MBZ or BMW on Figueroa and leave it there all night with the keys in it. I mean, you’re right! Just one drive around the area and it is clear that the Hollywood elites all chose to call it home! Pfff. You SUC trolls can talk til you’re blue in the face, but everyone knows your University is stuck adjacent to the worst parts of LA. SUC (sic) in se malum est!

  • Mike 70

    actually ub it is a mercedes and I don’t leave the keys in it. do you leave the keys in your kia on westwood blvd?

  • Anonymous

    Mike 70. I don’t believe that anyone said there isn’t crime in westwood. A buddy of mine was jumped and had his phone stolen. Better than being murdered while waiting in your car though. That being said. Given the choice between living in westwood and the area outside of SC where would you live? Also, your comment about UB’s kia and your benz makes you sorta seem like an arrogant and typical sc student or alum, whatever you are. <3

  • Joey

    http://i.imgur.com/fCrD0.jpg Yikes. Where would you live if you had to decide between the two ares Mike?

  • Matt

    Everryone forgets there was a serial rapist on the UCLA campus a few years ago. It can happen anywhere. Let’s move on and see how SC drops a realistic 60 on the Bruins this year.