Jim Mora names Brett Hundley starting QB

So much for a day off.

On the day UCLA is off after a week of intense practices under extreme heat, coach Jim Mora announces Brett Hundley as the starting quarterback.

The redshirt freshman has been impressive through the first week of fall camp in San Bernardino, taking a leap from a supposed tight race dating back to spring camp that included Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut.

“All four quarterbacks have raised their level of play significantly since my staff and I took over, and we are excited about all of them,” said Mora in a released statement. “That said, Brett has consistently demonstrated the qualities we value in a starting quarterback and is an outstanding leader who commands the respect of his teammates.

“He has shown excellent decision-making skills, and his accuracy and timing continue to improve with each practice. In addition, he has shown the mobility and creativity needed when a play breaks down.”

This was a no brainer. Hundley, out of Chandler, Ariz., got the most reps with the first unit and taken part in most situation scenarios (2-minute, overtime). That’s evident by his losing his voice after a week of practice. It’ll be interesting to see now the mood changes Saturday with a starting QB in tow. The question now is who will be the backup. The consensus here is that it’s Prince’s job to lose, what with his experience over Brehaut and freshman Jerry Neuheisel.

Your thoughts?

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  • Dave

    Great interview Miguel! Hundley sure sounds like a leader.. Great attitude

  • GlendoraBruin

    Love this kid!!! Could it be possible to have him for 4 years…??!!! We can only hope

  • Selena Gomez Fan

    Agree with the posters above. This Hundley guy sounds like a good leader with confidence that I haven’t heard from a UCLA QB in many years. Hundley represents the University very well.

  • Anonymous

    Through* (first sentence, second paragraph)

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    I’m glad the QB situation is resolved. For me, it does not matter who Mora named as the starter. The proof will be on the field of play. What is important, is that the #1 QB knows it is his job, and can charge forward with that assurance. Plus, he should get even more of the reps with the first team, and the first team can settle in with BH as their QB. Nothing against KP or RB, but they were both given ample opportunities to shine. Whether it was their shortcomings, or a bad O-Line, or Karma, or bad coaching does not matter. The fact is BH has now won the job in the eyes of Mora and company, so let us run with it! I hope that Mora/Mazzone are “One QB” coaches that will stick with BH through thick and thin. Get him some experience this year and build for the future. The icing on the cake is if we can have a good season this year on top of that. Time to stop playing the past. Now is the time to build the future.

  • localbruin

    We will be back to Prince/Brehaut about mid-way through the Neb game.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Well, localbruin, I didn’t know you had a crystal ball. So, please tell me the scores and results of each P12 game this year and I can head to Vegas this weekend and lay down some wagers! I predict you’re wrong. My crystal ball can beat up your crystal ball!

  • ucla34

    Finally………..the Bruins have come back!!………to Foot Ball!. The Rock says its time for the Bruins to shine that 13 inch boot real nice, turn that sum bitch sideways and stick it up College Footballs Monkey Ass!!! UCLA F!F!F!

  • All in BruinFan

    Hoping for great things from this fine young man.

    I am little curious to see how Brehaut & Prince respond.


  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    little man needs to beef up and get his game ON… get on the cadre bankwagon.


    What did the UGLY Bucket say?– He is an idiot over on the SC blog and does not get any better on this blog.

    But Hundley over Prince/Brehaut is a no-brainer. Even if Hundley falters this year, the experience gained will be mountains of help for next year.

    Coach Mora figures he has 3-years to show improvement With Hundley having 3 years experience in 2014 Mora anticipates that he will look like the best bruin coach since Toledo.

  • localbruin


    We barely beat Rice, lose big to Corn, that’s as far as I can see right now. Hundley out, hmmmmmm, maybe 6 weeks. Prince lasts a game or two then Brehaut takes over before Hundley returns.

    Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    hey localbruin,
    eat shit and get off this blog

  • Coach Thom

    @ local ruin

    Sorry…@ loco bruin

    Sorry…@ lame suck-up

    You continue to be an unintentional comedic travesty. Your ‘comments’ make me realize how pathetic Trogan pimps really are. To paraphrase ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’…”Lame Kiffin…sad…sad…sad. Localbruin…sad…sad…sadder.”

  • Facescar

    Actual predictions:

    Rice: UCLA relies on run game for first drive or two to make sure Hundley’s feeling good. Unleash the passing game by end of first quarter. Balanced attack will work very well against Rice as long as our boys can beat the heat.

    Nebraska: Much tougher go of things. Hundley shows his age still and is shaky in first quarter. If he’s as good as we’ve been led to believe, he comes through with a big comeback by the third quarter.

    After that, I won’t guess until we see who gets injured or shows up ready to play.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you guys are just desperate for ANY shred of hope. The guy hasnt even played a down yet and you’re already annointing him some kind of savior. UCLA football will always be a mediocre afterthought. Not talking shit just talking truth. Are you all so naive to not realize this? Im sorry but its just laughable!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Call me silly, but this move puts us right in the hunt for the national championship. This kid is without a doubt the finest QB in the west

  • Anonymous

    Man you ucla fans are really optimistic about someone who hasnt played a down yet what of he has only an ok game against rice then play like total crap against Nebraska will you be yelling for prince to get his starting job back?