BREAKING NEWS: Patrick Larimore medically retires

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Above: Patrick Larimore, No. 42, exudes leadership, heart.

Linebacker Patrick Larimore, voted a team captain in 2011 and undoubtedly the heart and soul of the defense, medically retired and left UCLA camp after Sunday night’s practice, according to sources.

Larimore, a 6-foot-2 redshirt senior out of Santa Clarita’s Hart HS, last week sufferedhis second concussion in a span of six months. He suffered his last concussion at the tail-end of spring camp. Initially during fall camp it was believed that Larimore was experiencing heat exhaustion but soon it was revealed that it was actually worse.

There was no indication given as to how soon Larimore would return to practice, but with a concussion it was assumed the team, trainers and doctors would take extra precaution given the proximity of the concussions, but nobody expected this bomb shell. According to sources, players were informed of the news during a team meeting and soon after went looking for Larimore to offer consolation. The heartbreaking news comes on the heels of offensive lineman Chris Ward announcing last week he would medically retire.

Losing a player of Larimore’s caliber is a huge blow to UCLA, which also lost DE Sam Tai for the season after tearing his ACL. But it was Larimore who anchored the defense and was an unquestioned leader and respected by players, coaches and media alike. Larimore started all 13 games last year and was named the team’s defensive player of the year after leading the team with 81 tackles.Redshirt junior Todd Golper is listed behind Larimore in the post-spring depth chart. Golper, who was Rick Neuheisel’s first commitment out of Arcadia HS in 2008, has battled his own set of injuries as well but saw productive time last year on special teams, making his first appearance at linebacker against Illinois.

UCLA coach Jim Mora has taken extra precaution when it comes to head injuries and anything heat related during fall camp as evidence by pulling linemen Jeff Baca, Alberto Cid and Greg Capella despite putting a strain on an already depleted line. Baca and Cid underwent concussion tests last week at UCLA and are slowly working their way back onto the field after returning to Cal State San Bernardino.

We’ll have more on this later today and have reaction from players and Mora after the morning session.

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  • Anonymous

    I feel so bad for “Larry”…and for his teammates, whom he so inspired. I loved watching “Larry” ATTACK the ball. A HUGE loss.
    Looking forward, I’ve always thought playing Zumwalt as a freshman, was a mistake. Turns out, playing early was probably the best thing for him now that “Larry” is gone.
    We shall overcome!


  • CarbonTax

    That’s terrible news. What about the correlation with heat exhaustion and global warming? My brother died 2 years ago in abnormal temps.

  • Playedatthenextlevel

    What a HUGE loss for the team. Larimore was clearly a leader of the defense and well respected by the team
    and coaches. He was definitely NFL material thru and thru. It was the right decision medically, but a tremendous blow to the team and fans. He will be missed. I wish you the best, Larry!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, dude, you haven’t been on the job for more than a minute and you’re already in full-throttle panic mode. Wow! While obviously unfortunate, esp. for Larimore, it’s not a huge blow. other guys will step up and the team will be just fine. I really wish daily news beat writer, jon gold was the worst when it came to that, would stop hyperventilating over every injury. Plus, “seeked out?” Please get an editor!!

  • Bday Girl

    I didnt think people left bad comments on here but anonymous obviously doesnt know a great reporter when he reads his blogs, News is news and an injury is hard to deal with and will hurt the team regarless if its the qb or any other player, They will have to step up obviously but his absence needs to be reported and dealt with within the team.

  • Matt G

    Its a huge injury, for Pat and for the team.

    This breaks my heart šŸ™ Its a huge injury, for Pat and for the team. This guy really was the heart and soul of the defense. Seeing your leader go down this way will be hard for the team — but I’m hoping it can somehow become a rallying point — especially for the LB’s who better dedicate their season to striving to play every bit as ferociously at Pat did.

    Best of luck to you Mr. Larimore. You ARE an amazing Bruin and will undoubtedly do amazing things off the field. Take care of yourself.

  • BruinFaithful

    Anybody who tries to underestimate this loss, doesn’t know football. Lari was easily our best, smartest, and toughest player on Defense. HUGE loss. Especially in a 4-3.

    I would play Kendricks in his spot now.

    I have suspected for some time that Mora’s tougher style of play would weed a lot of players out. I suspect we will continue to see many more of these. We will need to develop tougher players and recruit tougher players to compensate. It will be painful initially, but for the best in the long run. Miguel, you’re doing a great job man. Don’t listen to the whiners.

  • Dad of 3

    This is a big loss to the team. Lari was the inspirational leader on D . His talent on the field will be sorely missed , but also his leadership abilities. Lari, thanks for everything and we wish you all the best in life outside football.

    To Anon 7:45, you must be the same guy that took a shot at Miguel on BRO. Stop reading Miguel’s stuff if you don’t like it. The only person hyperventilating is you. This was an excellent write-up by MM.

  • BiII

    He was a very proud Bruin who was respected and gave respect to others. He was a person of class


  • BiII

    It is about respect


  • Anonymous

    Loved his sack on Barkley! Was hoping for many more this year!

  • SCfan

    Im an die hard Sc fan but I really like watching this kid play. He played downhill and attacked the ball. Regardless of affiliation you have to feel bad for a good kid who you could tell put his heart and soul into his team. Wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

  • gilligan

    As a big USC fan, I want to wish the young man the best of luck. He wasn’t the most gifted athlete but he definitely had the most heart for the UCLA defense. I am surprised that the rest of the defense never played the game with his type of intensity because they definitely would have had a better record. A HUGE loss for the UCLA defense.

  • Josephine Bruin

    Best wishes to him. He lived and breathed football and I know this is a tough decision for him. I’m feeling for him and I and the rest for Bruin Nation are going to miss seeing him on that field. He’s a fantastic linebacker/footballer. Thank you for all you’ve done for us and I know you’ll continue to be a senior leader for this team. That interception and touchdown in the pac-12 championship game was awesome and all of those hits in all of those other games too.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    HAWR-HAWR!!! you can try to ignore me, but you can’t ignore the TRUTH!!

    in fact i have a new name for what’s gonna happen:

    the Great bRuin Choke of 2012!!!

    another chapter in the Shouldda-Couldda pantheon of Not Quite Making It!!!

    remember dummies, one loss sinks it for you! the SEC will have it’s undefeated or one-loss team as #1, and there will some other undefeated team (OK, Tex, etc) so to make the game, bRuins HAS to be undefeated!!! ROTFHHMAO!!!!

    HAWR HAWR!!!

  • Matt

    SC Fan here, I wish him all the best. This guy deserved to be on the field during his senior year with his teammates.

  • Patrick

    Trojan fan here, but a football fan also..just wanted to give my respect to Patrick. After so many years of doing what you love, to have it taken from you with something like this is heartbreaking. He deserved to be on the field with his team for his senior season. The Bruins will miss him for sure…Good Luck Patrick.