Morning Report: Patrick Larimore topic of discussion

*Obviously the big news out of morning practice was reaction to LB Patrick Larimore medically retiring. We’ll have video interviews with UCLA coach Jim Mora, linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich, and linebackers Jordan Zumwalt and Eric Hendricks.

**The team was in jerseys and helmets, no pads. Practice lasted about two hours and mostly had walk-throughs. The receivers practiced fade routes in group acitivity before the team convened for 11-on-11 drills and 7-on-7s.

**Zumwalt and LB Damien Holmes switched inside and outside, but it’s looking like Holmes could see significant time inside, and how impressive is that. You talk about versatility and that’s Holmes all the way. You remember he started as a defensive end, swithced to outside linebacker and is now inside. Just impressive. The loss of Larimore now means accelerating the development of new guys, like Aaron Porter who has been impressive in camp showing good insticts. Todd Golper, officially listed behind Larimore in the post-spring depth chart, had a good showing today with a Pick 6 off QB Brett Hundley. Safety Taylor Lagace, who like Golper hailed out of Arcadia HS, also had an interception, this one off Richard Brehaut.

***RBs Steven Manfro and Johnathan Franklin had some very nice runs. Franklin zig-zagged his way through the teeth of the defense and went untouched into the secondary making some very impressive moves. Manfro, the start at spring camp, showed again why he garnered so much attention with his blistering speed. The kid has some sick acceleration. On one particular run, Manfro quickly caught up to his blockers and ran into Shaq Evans.

****They keep running reverse plays for Shaq Evans, and though the wide receiver has some speed it’s not until hitting full stride that he takes off. I would think a Damien Thigpen or Manfro are better suited for that play because you have bursting speed.

*****OL Tre Hale left practice early. I feel bad for the kid and you pull for a kid like Hale who day in and day out is showing how bad he wants to stay on the field and help the depleted offensive line.

******The afternoon practice is scheduled for 5:30 p.m.