Day 10 of Fall Camp from San Berdoooo ….

*The morning practice went shy of two hours. There will be no evening practice since the team will go bowling as part of a team bonding activity. If I was going the only thing I’d wanna see would be the OL and DL telling the front desk their shoe size …

**A pretty quiet run through today. The team practiced for a bit in full pads before pulling them off. The team went through 11-on-11 drills and 7-on-7s.

***WR Devin Lucien might have a minor concussion when he took a hard shot Monday. He was held out Tuesday and looked up beat to me walking the sideline playing catch for a bit with WR Jerry Johnson. RB had his right ankle wrapped at the trainer’s tent but it looked precautionary more than anything. OL Tre Hale left practice early (heat) as did WR Ian Taubler. WR Jerry Rice Jr., nursing a sprained right ankle, did not limp nowhere near he did Monday, and that’s a real testament to the UCLA training staff that in its own right has been tested during all these injuries. Rice Jr. worked mostly on the bike and I believe did some planks and side planks along with some of the other guys still conditioning. Among that group is DT Ellis McCarthy who looks like a real beast in full pads. I know he’s as anxious as anyone to get on the field. I’ve seen that look on his face before, the one where intently watches team drills, and you know in his head he just can’t wait to jog onto the field, go down on a three-point stance and just bowl over and watch a linemen’s life flash before his eyes. McCarthy was a kid everyone raved about when he was a freshman, and when I finally got my chance to see it for myself I just could not believe he was a freshman. His work ethic on the field was unparalleled. I remember watching McCarthy his senior forced to watch from the sideline after a knee injury two games into the season. His team trailing and all he could do was pace anxiously back and forth with a cold stone stare down watching his team get creamed at home. McCarthy came back with a vengeance even if his stats didn’t show it on paper. But you knew that his presence alone wreaked havoc and altered the game. You can bet he’ll do just that when he finally gets on the field, and when he does watch out.

****There were scouts here from the San Francisco 49ers, Jacksonville Jaguars and Atlanta Falcons. They didn’t stick around for long.

*****OT Torian White is looking like the guy they want settling in at right tackle. He’s only going to grow comfortable the more he finds himself there, and it’s good news that the corrective surgery for a heart murmur won’t keep him out from any games.

*******WR Shaq Evans continues to impress. He hauled in some more spectacular catches, and Ishmael Adams had no chance. Evans also put a great move on Sheldon Price, reaching in front of Price to make the catch inside the 10 in 7-on-7 drills. WR Ricky Marvray and RB Steven Manfro also made some sweet catches after turning defenders after the push.

Wednesday’s practice is a two-a-day beginnig at 8:30 with an evening session set for 5:30 p.m. Thursday the team goes at 8:30 a.m. and then heads back to Westwood where the cool breeze (and the shorter drive) will be a welcome relief.

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  • VB

    Miguel, great job on the coverage. We haven’t seemed to hear a lot about Joseph Fauria or Datone Jones. Are these guys practicing? If so, how do they look? It seems like these two should be huge difference makers this season, but we haven’t heart anything about them so far in camp.

  • Miguel Melendez

    VB: Fauria has taken part in practice for the last three consecutive days. He looked pretty good on the first day and from the second day on he spent most of his time on the sideline or in the trainer’s tent with all kinds of issues from soreness in the hip to feeling tightness. But he’s looking good the last few days and looks every bit the coveted tight end. Jones looks like a guy who will be challenged for a starting spot. There’s been a lot of rotation on the line so that’s why you probably haven’t heard about one individual. Mora said even with a starter named expect even playing time, especially once McCarthy is ready to go.


    There seems to be a log jam in the backfield. Will Manfro get any carries or will he be strictly a PR/KR

  • Miguel Melendez

    Johnathan Franklin and Damien Thigpen look like the guys who will see a lot of carries out of the backfield. Wouldn’t be surprised if you see Manfro take some too, but he’s looking like a guy that’s moving to more of a flanker along with Jordon James. It’s nice to have that kind of depth where you can move guys around and experiment, and so far it’s going good for Manfro who can take a screen pass and really take off.

  • Anonymous

    Since Larimore went down we can use all the help we can get at LB. Miguel is there any update on Jeremy Castro? Is it a NCAA Clearinghouse issue or UCLA admissions issue? Any idea when he will be getting a final answer?

  • bushwhite

    Can your coach make some more classless, insensitive comments about the terrible killing of international students who were studying in Los Angeles to show how the University of Common Little Adults is the “best school in LA” ??

    Yeah you guys are right, no violence ever happens at westwood high…glad Jim L pointed that out to the country….

  • Semi-Pro

    You mean the terrible killing of international students that happened RIGHT NEXT to SC’s campus? Is that the one you’re referring to?

  • VB

    Awesome. A guy with the screenname “BUSHwhite” complaining about “classless” comments made by a head coach as if he and his sh!tty university have a moral edge over everyon else.

    Bushwhite, go take a slow stroll across the 405 freeway.

  • bushwhite

    “Insisting he didn’t even know about the USC murders, Mora told the Los Angeles Times: “I just said our campus is safe. I didn’t say anything about anyone else’s campus. We don’t have anybody getting murdered a block off of our campus. If anybody, whether USC or Cal State San Bernardino, is offended by the statement, then that’s their insecurity, not mine.”

    We wonder if UCLA’s administration will think otherwise. Mora’s early track record doesn’t scream sensitivity — or even intelligence.

    He forced his players to practice in triple-digit temperatures earlier this week at training camp in San Bernardino. Six players left that practice because of weather-related conditions: LB Patrick Larimore, O-linemen Brett Downey, Simon Goines, Greg Capella and Tre’ Hale and WR Kenny Walker because of an asthma attack. Larimore, Hale and Goines were taken to the training room for IVs, the L.A. Times’ Chris Foster reported.

    Is this the early image UCLA wants its football coach to portray? Tough to the point of foolishness? Competitive or ignorant to the point of insensitivity?

    We can’t imagine that’s what athletic director Dan Guerrero had in mind last December when he brought Mora aboard. And we’re certain the Trojans are shaking their heads in disbelief.”

  • bushwhite

    you guys are always good at running your mouth..just suck it up. You team sucks your coach is a scumbag and alot of losses are coming…

  • VB

    Just be ready bushwhite, you muckraking assclown. USC will be UCLA’s b!tch for years to come. Mora is toughening up the powder blue teddy bears into mean grizzly bears. It’ll take a year or two to weed out the soft Neuheisel players, but rest assured that USC will feel the pain of their sanctions after matt Barkley leaves and you are stuck with 75 scholarship players and an inexperienced quarterback.

    Next year, pUSC will be breaking in a new QB, UCLA will have a second year starter in Hundley, and the decade of dominance will begin.

    CHEAT ON! Loser.

  • Anonymous

    Bushwhite why don’t you go dye your bush pink you wining little sissy. Note how Mora apologyzed to the families of the victims and not to your pathetic school.


    Bushwhite, come on, lighten up. You are on a “foreign” blog, and should show a bit of humility and perhaps even humor. I am also an SC fanatic, but I occasionally come on here to try to engage the
    “enemy,” not turn it into a gutter war of words.

  • OKAY!!!

    Mora’s got Bushwhite and BE REAL curious enough to come check up on the Bruins. He must be doing something right…

  • mbailey

    I like the new fella. His coverage lacks only one thing. He can’t write. He leaves out words that would complete sentences..I am a USC fan. Unlike many of the ucla bloggers that visit our site,I am not here to bash. One comment..VB stated that USC will become ucla’s bitches? What an idiot. PS.P Larimore is a good kid. Went to my daughter’s High School. I’m glad he won’t be tackling our running backs, but I hate to see a carrer end.

  • ucla34

    Bush=a joke in the nfl white=another pathetic trojan nfl pick! In case you haven’t noticed bub, Mora could give a rats ass about your sorry, pathetic, get into our university with a 2.0 and live in the ghetto university! Wanna talk about class? How about a pathetic coach who cheated the whole time he was at Southern Cal and tried to act as if he knew nothing about Nfl joke Bush. Oh, and then says he is leaving to coach the Seahawkes, yes Seahawkes! Noooo…. He knew nothing of the sanctions. Lol. I love Kiffin at SC, another great scumbag in the line of great scumbag HC’s. He only has gotten any job cause his father is a legend. Oh, what about your former AD? Total class. Quick question for ya. How many guys on your team can spell SC? Lol. You are in Bruin country little troll! Don’t you ever, and the Bruins mean eeeeever run your mouth here! You can take that cute little SC logo, shine it up real nice, turn that sum bitch sideways and shove it up your programs Monkey Ass! Finally……the Bruins have come back to Los Angeles! P.S. Good luck winnig that phantom Natl. Title bub! Rack em’!!!


    bushwhite: “tough to the point of foolishness”? are all coaches in Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, are they all foolish for making their teams practice in triple digit temperatures with WAY worse humidity than california…?

  • Mike 70

    ucla34 – tough day day on the swing shift at Jack in the Box? Tough cleaning them toilets. Your rant is totally amusing. I guess we shoved 50-0 up your ass last year. But wait, it will get better. That cheater you refer to always went easy on the little blue pansies, Kiffin will stick it so far up your ass this fall it will be coming out your nose!! Enjoy,

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Now, VB, I have to agree that SUC will NOT become UCLA’s bitches. We couldn’t get passed the stank! SUC has this year only. After Barfley leaves and the full effect of the schollie reduction kicks-in, SUC will begin a slow slide to oblivion. I am not ready yet to say UCLA will step up to fill the void. That remains to be seen! NO MORA EXCUSES! I like what I see so far, but the proof will be on the field of play. Mora has yet to coach a play from scrimmage in the college game. Hundley has yet to take a snap in a college game. And Lame Kiffen has yet to figure out he looks like a numb nut in his stupid visor.

  • ucla34

    50-0? That all you got? I guess i couldn’t expect much coming from Southern Cal, thats right Southern Cal. What has Kiffin won? Oh yeah, not a damn thing! He won’t even win with Carrolls cheating players. Hit me up when you win a Rose Bowl again (post cheat Carroll era) and a playoff okay bub! Those natl. championships you claim are phantom and mythic. Win a playoff National and maybe you can bragg one day. Wanna compare Reggie and MJD in the Nfl? Lol. Nuff said!!

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    What’s all this I’m reading on TBL this morning about Shabazz being ineligible? Is the NCAA freakin serious?! This is a kid that’s doing everything right and is class all around. Meanwhile, the other school in town is buying kids houses, handing over wads of cash and basically opening a car dealership in the football office. Let alone all the lies and deceit from their head coach. And THEY GET AWAY with it!!! EVERY YEAR!!! Disgusting. Wonder how much it costs to buy off the NCAA in addition to all the kids that choose to live in a ghetto and get a JC education.

  • Mike 70

    ucla 34 – are u serious? What has Kiffin won? What did Neuweasel, Dorrell, Donahue, Mora et all ever win on a national stage? People in glass houses don’t throw stones bub. You are seriously off your friggin rocker homey. Here is one for all you holier than thou bruin boys – let’s talk Wooden and Sam Gilbert. “Nuff said.”

  • ucla34

    Wow! you make this fun Mike.Donahue? You really wanna compare Kiffin to Donahue? LMAO! Try winning a Rose Bowl first K? Kiffin has only gotten jobs because his daddy is a legend in the NFL! Geee what did Danahue do? Owned SC had top 10 teams year in and year out, Aikman 3 superbowls, how many QB’s have you had win three SB’s oh yeah, never mind. Homey?? Ha, Ha, you must live in the ghetto right next to Southern Cal. Win a playoff and then you can talk. What about Reggie? I wouldn’t want to comment on his sorry ass excuse for an NFL bust career either! Lol, Cheat-On Schleprock! Lol

  • VB

    When are we gonna get an update on Jon? He said some “major changes” were coming to the Daily News. What are those changes? Miguel, are you the permanent replacement? What’s going on?