Exclusive video of the Rose Bowl renovation

Go behind the scenes on an exclusive tour of the Rose Bowl renovation with me! The video is from Aug. 3, so sorry it’s taken a while to put together, but nonetheless I think it’s a cool insiders view of the work that’s being done on the pavilion.

I’m sure a lot more work has been done over the last 12 days — considering there are nearly 300 workers trying to get this done by UCLA’s home opener Sept. 8 vs. Nebraska. Watch the video above and read my story on the renovation.

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About Jill Painter

Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • Thomas Muller

    Jill, thanks for the video. Nice to see the pictures to go along with the story. Looks like the finished product will be worthy of the Rose Bowl. Is an NFL team still a possibility?

  • Anonymous

    Great video, but it didn’t work in Firefox for me. I had to use IE to see it.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Hey, Jill, nice update on the RB reno. Hmmm. I didn’t see where they were going to give us more leg room for $175M. I guess I missed that part! But the lucky 4,000 that will eventually get to use the premium seats sure will have it nice! And let’s see if we can take a leak without having to endure the raw sewage odor. Perhaps the spent a bit of the $175M on the poor facilites for us common folk! We’ll see!

  • VB

    I agree, UB. I’m tired of taking my post game pisses in those stinky porta-potties. I’m tired choking on construciton dust. I’m tired of the eye sore that is the Rose Bowl renovation. Funny thing is, as you astutely pointed out, the renovation really only benefits the 4,000 people who dish out dough to watch a .500 football team from the luxury suites. The rest of us had a bone thrown to us in the following form:

    1) A new “retro” scoreboard that is harder to read than the old one, and impossible to read at night.

    2) A new large, very nice, video replay board that DOES NOT SHOW REPLAYS. Especially when there is an iffy call and we want to see what happened.

    3) Less bathrooms.

    4) Less concessions.

    5) Wider tunnels for the end zone sections, which are comprised of around 2,000 fans per game including, but not limited to: “I’m Going to College Kids,” high school bandos, cheerleaders, and other misc. giveaway freebie fans. Of course, the tunnels remain the same for us donors and season ticket holders.

    6) And last but not least, LESS tailgate time (6 hours dropped from 10). MORE regulation at tailgates, and a whole ton of party pooping, killjoy rule changes that make UCLA’s football culture and fan base the most bland and pathetic in the Pac12, and one of the worst in America.

    Do I sound bitter? Yes I do. Yes I am! I’m tired of UcLA’s athletic department pissing all over their devoted fans. Nevertheless, myself, as well as the rest of the UBTA will be there on September 8th as early as they let us to fly our flag on 1 Rose Bowl Drive.


  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Yep, as far as I can see, the $175M does not benefit the vast majority of the fans. It’s all about securing the big $$ for the premium seats and revenue from concessions. It does not financially benefit Dan G. to allow for a longer tailgate. In his shortsighted vision, it cost more for security and does not raise the fan zone revenue because it is not open that early. Then, he does not even insure that those administering the ‘rules’ are consistent. It depends on who you talk to on game day! Remember the debacle last year when we set up three canopies side by side and the Pasadena PD and UCLA Game Day became unhinged! That is, until the PD’s buddies set up SIX canopies — then the rules changed for everyone. The Lieutenant was giving us cr@p about 2 or more side by side is a structure and we need to have the Fire marshall ‘inspect.’ Then, his ‘friends’ set up right across from us and “Ooops! I guess I can’t make up THAT rule.”

  • VB

    It’s all a bunch of horse crap. Tailgate used to be open 10 hours before kickoff, which was perfect for large tailgates. With a 6 hour tailgate allowance, we spend 1 hour setting up, 3 hours tailgating, and one hour tearing down so we can get in to the stadium by kickoff. It makes it almost not worth it to even tailgate big anymore. Might as well go to Donut Dan’s fun zone and eat at the In ‘N Out truck. Oh wait, that is what Donut Dan wants! Destroy tailgate so he can herd fans into his fun zone and rake in more food revenue.

    Here is the dumbest, most idiot paradox of all: The “tailgate lots,” meaning Lot H and the golf course, open 6 hours prior to kickoff. The donor lots (F & K) open 10 hours prior to kickoff. We are technically allowed to go 10 hours prior and tailgate on the asphault, drink as much as we want and have a merry good time. The second we try to carry our stuff 20 FEET AWAY to the grass median at the Rose Bushes, they tell us we CANNOT tailgate until 6 hours prior on the grass due to the new Rose Bowl rules. This leads me to pose the question, does one really pose MORE of a liability because he or she is tailgating on grass instead of asphault? Why can we tailgate on hot cement 10 hours prior, but the grass only 6 hours prior.

    STUPID RULES, STUPID ROSE BOWL COMMITTEE AND STUPID DAN GUERRERO! They are all destroyers of the fan experience and they should be ashamed!!!!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Indeed, VB. Remeber the Austin trip 2 years ago? The tailgates started on Thursday before the Saturday game with the RV lots a couple blocks away. Then, at midnight on game day — MIDNIGHT !!! — the remainder started to set up their tailgates. No onerous rules, just have fun. Their FB ‘house’ in the end zone was amazing. The player’s lounge (before we were kicked out!) was impressive, with the wall of NFL helmets representing their alums in the league. Now, SUC just built their Mckay Center, and I read that Donut Dan is conteplating a FB complex/house, ‘but due to the limited space, etc., etc.’ Hey, Dan! Here is a suggestion: Tear down the lot immediately adjacent to Spaulding Field. You know, the one between WW Drive and the field? Rip up Spaulding Field. Rip up the walkway between that current structure and the field. Then, take that ENTIRE footprint and build an underground parking structure to replace the spots lost (like under the intramural field). Then, build a FB complex and FULL 100 yard practice field +++ in its place on the ground level. It is PLENTY of space and you don’t lose any parking spaces on campus. In fact, you can probably pick up a few which would be “premium spots’ for the new Pauley. The FB complex could have locker rooms, film rooms, meeting rooms, coaches offices overlooking the new 100 yard +++ practice field, player’s lounge, dedicated weight facilities, training rooms, etc. Geez, Dan, think outside the (donut) box and re-use the space you have EFFECTIVELY! I will be the first to pledge some $$ to the new UCLA FB Complex that creates such an environment as I have described above. And I am sure other wallets will kick in too.

  • VB

    Jill, sorry we hijacked your post. It was a great video and we appreciate it! We are just venting a little frustration that has built up over past 10 years of tailgating. Pretty soon the Rose Bowl is just going to ban tailgating altogether.


    If somebody writes something beyond 50 words, I am outta here.

    Drive home your point, use as few words as possible, and get outta here.

    Otherwise, you are a leaf in the woods i.e. when it falls, if no one is around to hear it did it make a sound?

    Or something like that.

  • Revenge of Charlie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! i haven’t even been around here lately and i am STILL way in bRuins heads!!

    i honestly didn’t mean to mind-&%$# the entire University of Clowns that LOST AGAIN!!

    perhaps if UCLA didn’t have to play TWENTY SIX miles away from campus they’d have some say in the matter.

    perhaps if UCLA didn’t have to pay rent facilities like the Rose Bowl, they’d have some control.

    Tournament of Roses people run the Rose Bowl. And, the Rose Bowl Game is second fiddle to the Parade. Where is UCLA in mix??? rhetorical

    perhaps this Jedi mind trick is the real Revenge of Bucket!!

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    @BE REAL:

    f%*k you x 25.

    Concise enuf 4 U?

  • Anonymous

    VD isn’t sorry for “hijacking” a thread. That’s what s/he does. Probably whines more than his little bratty kid.