The Evening Post: Jim Mora upset, ends practice early

*UCLA coach Jim Mora was displeased with the effort, lack of focus and discipline, and that led to practice ending early. Mora threw the team off the field and back to the coaches. The move stunned the players and probably everyone else that attended practice. Mora was visibly upset with the seemingly endless amount of scuffles. He’d already warned players to knock it off, but to no avail. RB Darius Bell got into it with someone during a 11-on-11 but I really couldn’t tell with who. What I can say is that Mora wanted to see more poise from Bell. But it wasn’t over. DL Cassius Marsh and OL Ben Wysocki went at with a scrum of their own. On the next play, there was no sense of blocking. It seemed more about who would get the best of who. That’s when Adrian Klemm kicked Wysocki off the field and sent him to the locker. Wysocki would eventually get back and had a talk with Klemm. Around the time that was going on, LB Damien Holmes and FB Luke Gane went at it during pass-block drills. We’ve written it before and we’ll write it again: Mora means business, and he’s not putting up with any of the juvenile crap anymore. This is his time to mark a stamp on the program. It’s time to change the culture of this program buried in obscurity, and on his watch it’s not going to remain the same.

**There was an important note in the evening practice. WR Fabian Moreau donned a white jersey and played some cornerback. He got burned a couple times but showed some promise. Mora said the move is not permanent. Sounds like it was more of an experiment than anything.

**Offensive linemen Simon Goines and Will Oliver suited up for practice with pads and all. Goines went through some conditioning before he was pulled as planned. WR Shaq Evans sat out some drills with some tightness on his left hamstring but seemed fine.

***QB Brett Hundley threw another interception during a situational drill. Aaron Hester recorded the latest one in the end zone.