Hit the showers! … See, it’s not just Jim Mora ….

A few players were kicked out of practice during UCLA’s fall camp stay at Cal State San Bernardino. There were more than a handful of scuffles in that span. At first UCLA coach Jim Mora said it came off as passion. After the second or third day, not so much. He was upset and fumed over the team’s lack of focus and poise. The biggest dustup happened yesterday when he kicked the entire team off the field. Well, it’s not just Mora who comes down with a heavy hammer. According to Christopher Price who covers the New England Patriots for WEEI.com, Patriots coach Bil Belichick had had enough, too, and kicked Julian Edelman and Niko Koutouvides out of practice after a dustup on a punt return. Happens in high schools. Happens in college. Happens in the pros, and I think Belichick knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls. Make that three.

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  • MaltBaa

    Yes but Super Bowls since Spygate. Go Jets

  • P

    This blog was outstanding during camp. Where was/is Jon anyway? Did he move on? I see his byline is still here. What gives?

  • Anonymous

    Miguel, I for one hope that you get this gig permanently. Your coverage has been outstanding. Thanks for the great job.
    UCLA Class of 71

  • bruinbiochem06

    I fully support what Mora is doing and hope it has the effect we are all wishing it will. I’m also disappointed on our players as a whole that Mora has to go through these extremes to get them to focus and be disciplined. Come on Bruins, get it together…

  • Anonymous

    everyone loves miguel because he is an even bigger homer than gold was (not literally but maybe?), any sense of negativity is completly devoid in his articles, hence the masses love that since no one in bruin powder blue wants to tell the emperor he has no clothes …im objective cause i dont care one way or the other, its just so obvious, its not as bad as BN, but close, no they are actually more objective, they try anyway. reporters should not identify with those theyre covering, so comments like “we” in his articles are pandering and unprofessional, just sayin

  • VB

    It’s not so much that Miguel has to like UCLA. He certainly shouldn’t hate the program. But it is more about the beat writer actually enjoying HIS JOB. Not constantly making comments about how much “more fun it would be” if he were covering a better team. Not b!tching about the homer, unrealistic fanatics who read his blog. Not making it seem like he is constantly trying to springboard into a better position somewhere else while his readers are trying to get real information regarding the team. These things are all things that Jon was guilty of, and we hope that Miguel, or whoever replaces him won’t crap on the job they are given by using it as a mere resume builder.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Thanks, Miguel, for the outstanding job you did during camp. Hope to see you stick around! As for Mora’s style of discipline, I saw ‘long overdue.’ We have been perceived, real or imaginary, as soft and undisciplined. (E.g., “Over the Wall,” “Arizona Brawl,” Etc.) Football, to a higher degree than other team sports, REQUIRES a high level of discipline. Hopefully, he carries it to one more level — “If you act undisciplined in practice, don;t bother to suit up for the game.” If the players understand that there is a clear CONSEQUENCE to their lack of discipline and focus, guess what? They will become disciplined and focused.

  • Anonymous

    I really hadnt noticed miguel being any more/less of a homer than gold. Gold’s biggest flaw to me (other than the fact that in his articles he wrote like a high school kid trying to emulate bill plaschke) was that it always felt like being the beat reporter was more of a casual hobby than an actual job to him. It always stuck out to me how when dohn was running the blog there were several updates daily and the weekly q and a’s took up about 11-12 posts and when gold took over the blog would sometimes go days without an update and the q and a’s would only be about 2 or 3 posts.

  • Anonymous

    Gold’s Q/A posts were disgraceful and not worth reading. Never put any genuine effort into it. Unless a reader asked a question like “Where can I get the best pastrami sandwich in Agoura?”

  • Agoura Deli.

  • Anonymous

    I think Gold was great during Signing Days for the past couple years. But you’re right, he’s been relying a lot more on video Q/A with players which is nice but lacks good insight.

  • VB

    I miss Dohn’s Friday Q&A posts. He would answer over 100 questions over the course of the day and made it so much easier to get through the day at work.

  • ucla34

    LMAO Jon! Classic! Lol!

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Even beat writers have feelings.

    (Except Wolf — the fans’ griping only makes him stronger).


    It looks like Gold was reading these comments if we can believe that was really him above cracking his little joke

    Goes to show, if you are a sports writer of any sort you had better have the skin of an elephant, because sports fans are the nastiest of earthlings.

    And SC’s Wolf, criticizing him has the effect of a gnat on a rhino’s back. Of course, it helps if one does not read the posters’ comments.

  • Yeah it was me. And you really gotta try that pastrami.

  • FleeingHomework

    Thank you, Jon. That made me crack up laughing.

  • Anonymous

    Good luck Miguel. Baby sitting this crew isn’t for the fainthearted.

    You have your pecker of nits that will point out every little flaw. You have your armchair jock who would probably have a coronary if he had to climb Janss Steps without assistance(mechanical or human). But like everywhere else, the vast silent majority will appreciate your efforts.

    And good luck to Jon. I hope your next gig takes you closer to your dream rating every deli/bbq joint in every college town in Division I athletics.

  • Flexmonk

    Bottom line, Miguel needs to come back. It wasn’t just that he posted frequent info, but the quality of his coverage was on point. In the past 2 weeks my daily reads were Scout (BRO) and this blog (thanks to Miguel). It seemed that he had in depth knowledge of the program and players, and that was definitely reflected in his writing. I don’t even mean it from a homer standpoint either, Miguel just seemed like he had passion in his writing. No disrepect to you Jon, but I hadn’t checked the site as much since Dohn was here. This is real sports coverage…Bring Miguel back!

  • Just Me

    re: Miguel’s post. Great, now all we need is Tom Brady and a great O-Line and we should be just like the Pats. Unfortunately, last year the only similarity we had to the Pats was our defense.

    Re: Jon – thanks for all your work. Could you clarify if you are leaving this blog.

    For both Miguel and Jon – One thing that really surprises me on this blog is how much attention seems to be paid to anonymous commenters. I don’t think you can work in the media world today if what some random says on a blog or twitter is going to bother you in the least. I assume that there are tons of readers like me who pretty much never comment. Respond to constructive comments / questions. Let the crazy ones add crazy comments and consider it the spice of life (and good for the blog).

  • Anonymous

    Meh, idk about this Melendez kid. Now Blair Angulo, that’s a sportswriter worth reading!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon, humor has a place here too, and you’ve occasionally left some good haw haws for us.

  • Anonymous

    Just me, and for those of you who are not into IT- there is a little less anonymity than some think. Jon or Brian or that editor dude can see the IP address and maybe even MAC address – or kinda numeric signature – of the anonymous posters just as they can for the others. if so inclined, they can get a feel for the poster just like they could if there was a username attached. Of course, some could post from multiple locations or dhcp networks, but there would probably be a pattern to follow, like i say – if they r so inclined.

  • Slippery Pete

    The problem with Jon Gold is that he never wrote about the rumors that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU. They were just rumors that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU and yet Gold never did any investigation to either prove or disprove that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU. I wish my college football beat writer would address the rumor that CRAIG JAMES KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE AT SMU.

  • PUSC 3

    Thanks Miguel you did a great job!! Hopefully you or Fred Robledo get the gig.

  • The key to this job is keeping your passion bucket full. Jon was on fire when he came in here with multiple posts a day and lots of energy. I don’t know why, but those numerous posts shrank down to one post every few days or even once a week. His passion bucket emptied.
    I hope that Jon, or whoever else takes over this gig, can find a way to re-fill their passion bucket and to keep this site relevant, even in the dull days of spring.
    All that being said, thank you, Jon, for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. I hope that you are able to re-kindle your spark.

  • ProbationU

    Other than disrespecting the Apple Pan, Gold has done a great job here. His posts have been less after Spring as there has not been much to discuss. If he has another opportunity, then all the best for him. One would hope that running the UCLA blog for the Daily News would not be the pinnacle of his career and would indeed be a stepping stone toward bigger things.

    Miguel has done a great job hitting the ground running. If he replaces Jon, then we shouldn’t miss a beat here. Both of these guys do much better and more detailed reporting than Wolf on the SC blog.

  • Bad Luck Brian

    This blog is already going downhill… 24 hours without a new post!

  • RE bad Luck Brian

    I would argue that the blog is going down hill as you mentioned bad luck brian. On the contrary, this blog has you checking it and often for updates.

  • Anonymous

    jon was awful plain and simple but he also had to replace dohn who was awesome and had a passion for the job, now so far miguel has done a great job lets hope if he gets the gig he keeps up the good work

  • VB

    Trying to remember the last time this blog had 30 comments on two consecutive posts.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Not since “D Day” VB. (Dohn Days). Apparently, the shifts(s) at the DN are not over. We have been kept somewhat in the dark as to what has been going on. It appears that Miguel was only a pinch hitter for Jon. Is Jon coming back? If so, maybe he has recharged his batteries and can once again become effective. As to the UCLA beat at the DN being a stepping stone, I must comment that one usually excels at one position to use it as a stepping stone to a better position. “Excel” being the key word in that sentence. If Jon does reemerge as the beat writer, I truly and sincerely hope he succeeds. We, as fans, want a reliable source of current/breaking news about our beloved Bruins. That’s all we ask for Jon/Miguel/Jill/___________ Fill in the Blank

  • Mike 70

    What is The deal with Shabazz?

  • Maze

    VD: I’ve never seen an alleged grown “man” need so much validation from his Daddy. It’s beyond familial…it’s just plain creepy. I’d be surprised if you’ve been weaned off UB’s embarrassingly large man-boobs.

  • Anonymous

    Ewwww!!! I wish I hadn’t read that last sentence.

  • Anonymous

    So dealt what’s the deal who’s going to keep up with beat just tell us already so we can focus on the team.. John sucked he is gone good bye so now what this guy is great lets hope he gets it.. cause the season. start s soon

  • MichaelRyerson

    So tell me, is Freshman English no longer an academic requirement? Just sayin.

  • Playedatthenextlevel

    Miguel, thanks for the great reporting during camp
    this year. Looked forward to reading your posts
    each day.