Hit the showers! … See, it’s not just Jim Mora ….

A few players were kicked out of practice during UCLA’s fall camp stay at Cal State San Bernardino. There were more than a handful of scuffles in that span. At first UCLA coach Jim Mora said it came off as passion. After the second or third day, not so much. He was upset and fumed over the team’s lack of focus and poise. The biggest dustup happened yesterday when he kicked the entire team off the field. Well, it’s not just Mora who comes down with a heavy hammer. According to Christopher Price who covers the New England Patriots for WEEI.com, Patriots coach Bil Belichick had had enough, too, and kicked Julian Edelman and Niko Koutouvides out of practice after a dustup on a punt return. Happens in high schools. Happens in college. Happens in the pros, and I think Belichick knows a thing or two about winning Super Bowls. Make that three.