Fall Camp Day 12 … Final day in San Berdooo

*Today was the final day at Cal State San Bernardino. And it’s almost a shame because today we probably had the best weather in all of the two weeks we’ve been here. It was a cool 82 degrees when practice ended, but to be fair practice did start at 8 a.m.

**The team presumably packed before start of practice and was ready to board buses back to Westwood when it ended. UCLA will be off Friday and get back on the field Saturday afternoon before the team’s “Meet the Bruins” event at Drake Stadium beginning at 3:30 p.m. The next two-a-day practice is Sunday.

***Practice today was mostly situational drills, specifically on special teams. They ran some plays in between to simulate a game. No pads, though. P Jeff Locke left a the bulk of the punting/kicking duties to Ka’imi Fairbairn and Justin Moreno. They were part of the emergency drills on special teams.

****WR Shaq Evans had some tightness on his left hamstring yesterday but it was minor. And you knew it because today he made some pretty slick plays. He made a good low reach in mid-air for a reception. But what made that catch even more spectacular is that he was sandwiched by DB Ishmael Adams and CB Brandon Sermons.

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Above: UCLA coach Jim Mora and CSUSB A.D. Cliff Dochterman Photo via Twitter @Angus_McClure

*****Mora had a long talk with the team in the final huddle. Near the end, Mora thanked Cal State San Bernardino athletic director Cliff Dochterman for facilitating the Bruins’ stay on campus. Mora showed his appreciation and handed Dochterman a football, helmet and jersey. Mora then let Dochterman break the final team huddle. “This guy is amazing,” Mora said. “Every time we asked for something rather than saying, ‘We can’t’ or ‘No’ or ‘We don’t do that’ it was ‘We’ll get it done.’

“This is a guy that it wasn’t unusual for him to be emptying trash cans at 12:30 1 at night and then be up the next morning at 6 o’clock making sure the meeting rooms were open and the food was good. Without him this would not have been possible.” … Maybe even more amazing is that Dochterman is barely a year into his role as athletic director.

******I thought it was kind of funny that after the final team break RB Paul Perkins dropped to his knees and extended his arms in the air happy to be going back to Westwood.

*******On a personal note, this marks the end of my two-week assignment covering UCLA football. Not sure if I’m back moving forward. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed covering this beat in the short term. The 110-mile drive every day these two weeks and 100-plus degree weather was really an after thought for me. I’ve enjoyed interacting with you guys on here, the good and bad. Thank you!

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  • Eric

    Question: I have not heard anything on A. Olaniyan to date. What’s his status as well as Baca and Cid?

    Great job covering Fall camp Miguel!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent job Miguel, hope you continue to cover the team.

  • VB

    It was excellent coverage Miguel! You owned every beat writer in Southern California! For the first time in over a year, I found myself checking the blog several times a day. You gave us a thorough report each and every practice, and even answered questions on the comment threads.

    Hopefully Jon, or whoever is covering going forward, will put forth the same effort Miguel did these past two weeks. The guy worked like a horse and this blog home page worthy once again.

    thanks again Miguel!

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE replace jon gold and his inadequate coverage

  • Excellent job, Miguel. Hope you get the job (if you want it).

  • Great coverage

    Thank you Miguel, it was very satisfying coming to the blog several times a day and reading new posts. You really have done a fantastic job covering the Bruins! If you’re a ucla fan now, hopefully they Have you continuing to do this in at least some capacity!

    Thanks again

  • bruinbiochem06

    Excellent work Miguel. Now I’ll be disappointed if you’re not our new beat writer.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Miguel and Jill, it is nice to have dependable coverage on a daily basis, I think UCLA fans deserve it. Daily posts are a prerequisite for adequate coverage imoho. That daily coverage could include special topic posts – such as features about Rose Bowl renovation, player features, whatever, but please post daily. Opinion posts would be very welcome here too, and interaction with those blog readers who are not self-involved attention whores would be a plus. No offense unintended to VD and family. We really don’t need family member one saying “yeah, I agree Mommy” to family member two.

  • Anonymous

    It was great having you here for the past two weeks. It seems you’ll do great wherever you land; wouldn’t mind it being here.

    Thanks for your hard work

  • vvvbj

    Miguel spoiled us…. I don’t think that’s good for the next person.

  • VB

    Not sure what I’ve said since I’ve been back that has been particularly offensive or indicative of attention whoring, but it seems as though I will never be accepted in this community no matter what I contribute, postive or negative.


  • BiII

    I demand respect, and I deserve it


  • BiII

    These days in San Bernardino will be the reason why the UCLA team is tough


  • VB

    I was just hoping to see our football team scrimmage against CSSB’s women’s field hockey team to see if we could have a chance to beat USC this year.

  • ucla34

    Much appreciated sir! Job well done! Will always be welcomed to the Bruin family! You earned your dues being in that heat every day. God bless and God speed.

  • Doug

    Hey, the Athletic Director seems like a great administrator who is willing to do anything to help out UCLA. That is what we have been missing for over a decade!! Maybe Mora can lead the charge to get rid of the worst AD in college sports in Dan Guerrero and we can hire this guy. Mora is probably now fully aware of what it is like to have a real AD working for you.

  • VB

    Completely agree, Doug. Donut Dan must go! He has destroyed any enthusiasm that was left for UCLA football leftover from the Cade McNown days! He hates football and won’t do anything to accomodate or reward the fans who have stuck with the program for the past decade of mediocrity. Instead, he raises ticket prices, shortens tailgates, gets us ugly uniforms and takes a dump on the rest of the UCLA football fan experience!



    Thanks Miguel for the great coverage! I sure hope they keep you on to continue providing this in depth information.

  • John

    Thx for your coverage of UCLA football these past few weeks. I really enjoyed your posts. I hope that you can continue to contribute to the coverage of Bruin sports in the future.

  • Hooryder

    A. Miguel let me say thanks for reviving this blog. With the last two guys it was dead in the water. You were very fast with the updates, enthusiastic, and you didn’t take over the video interviews like a certain person did.

    Please let Miguel take over this blog so we can get the coverage we deserve as bruin fans. We have a new coach, a new(er) Rosebowl, now we need Miguel to top it off.

    B. I agree with the posters above…..Dan must go.

  • BiII

    do not say ANYTHING about Dan. I mean it

  • The Real Chuckaboo

    Cliff Dochterman is not the A.D., Kevin Hatcher is. Cliff Dochterman is the fundraiser for athletics. Always fact check Miguel.

  • Belle

    These days in San Berdooo will be the reason why the UCLA team will play like a trangendered butch… like me!!! I am proud to be a Bruin where everyone is butch.

    Dan found a place for me post-gender reassignment surgery. I demand respect for me AND Dan. How many of you can say you’ve had your penis removed and survive/thrive?

    I remember 50-0 and’ll make the Trojans PAY


  • Matt G

    WELL DONE MIGUEL. Truly hope Daily News hires you. Haven’t been this excited about the blog in years.

  • INawe

    “This guy is amazing,” Mora said. “Every time we asked for something rather than saying, ‘We can’t’ or ‘No’ or ‘We don’t do that’ it was ‘We’ll get it done.’

    (Glances over shoulder to UCLA AD and Chancellor)

  • 581Bruin

    Yeah – great job Miguel. Would be great to see you hang around for what promises to be a very exciting year for the Bruins. Thanks a ton.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel, great job, read everything over the last 2 weeks and it is the best coverage by the DN yet. Hope you stay on.

  • UCLAFAN2002

    Excellent Job Miguel! Thoroughly enjoyed your coverage of fall camp. Can you help us get rid of Dan Guerrero too?

  • Dave

    I really hope you stay on the beat. I love the,info you give. You are the best in town already in my opinion!

  • Dad of 3

    Fantastic job , Miguel. I sure hope they hire you full-time. What you were able to do in just a few weeks was very impressive.

  • Anonymous

    Miguel, fantastic coverage! I used to be a Gold fan…but now I see what a really reporter does. Thx! Hope you get the full time gig. Gold’s clowning is tired….


    I agree MIGUEL, great coverage, but just beware, if there’s ever a day you’re exhausted, or what have you, these people who are telling you how great you are now, will tear you apart. My advice: just ignore them ^ šŸ™‚