Morning Report: Day 14 of Fall Camp from Westwood.

*No pads on this brutally hot morning, and I don’t care if AccuWeather says it’s 70 degrees as I’m writing this. That’s baloney. Anyway … team practiced situationals that included defending some blitz packages and two-minute drills. Team will be back out here at 7 p.m. for the evening session with full pads.

**Safety Stan McKay did not take part in practice. UCLA coach Jim Mora said he’s sick with a virus that’s spreading. Mora said there’s no update on Greg Capella (calf), Alberto Cid (concussion) and Jeff Baca (concussion), though they were here watching practice. Dalton Hilliard was back at practice after tending to a family emergency on Saturday. WR Jerry Rice Jr. is back fully practicing in team activities after nursing a mild left ankle sprain. Keenan Graham has changed his number from #59 to #40 so he can become an eligible fullback and go both ways.

***Damien Thigpen, Steven Manfro, Jordon James, Paul Perkins, Darius Bell and Shaquelle Evans practiced returning kicks today.

****OL Jacob Seydel saw some time with the second unit. He talks in the video below about his transition with the Bruins and the process of joining the team. Baca tutored Seydel on down time.

*****QB Brett Hundley threw an interception on a hail mary drill. TE Joseph Fauria juggled the ball and and Eric Kendricks came up with the ball. Hundley’s interceptions as of late do not stem from poor mechanics. It just plain down comes to the defense outshining the offense as has been the case through most of camp. In addition, the offensive line continues to switch players seemingly on every play which creates inconsistency at times as the pocket collapses. When the guys on the line get healthy you can expect more time for Hundley to go through his progressions. He’s certainly settled down since his four-interceptions day on the first day he was named the starter. QB Richard Brehaut didn’t have the best of days today. He threw for three interceptions, and his came on poor executions. Randall Goforth intercepted Brehaut on his first pass attempt with the second unit. He struggled finding his receivers and muffed a snap. Fabian Moreau intercepted Brehaut off a DT Donovan Carter deflection and true freshman Aaron Porter grabbed a Pick 6 off Brehaut. DE Cassius Marsh recorded a couple sacks and had his way with the guys up front, particularly against Carl Hulick.