The Evening Post: This time it’s a pseudo scrimmage


*UCLA held a pseudo scrimmage tonight. No live tackling. They call it “thud-ing”. Brandon Sermons, Keenan Graham and Aaron Hester were out sick.

**The offensive line experimented with a new look. Xavier Su’a-Filo switched from left tackle to left guard. Torian White was at left tackle. Simon Goines played right tackle and Brett Downey manned right guard. Jake Brendel was the only constant at center. UCLA coach Jim Mora said it’s more of an experiment than anything while they continue to wait for word on Greg Capella (concussion), Jeff Baca (concussion), and Alberto Cid’s (concussion) return. Mora said Capella could come back for Wednesday’s practice, adding that Cid is the farthest along. If you’re wondering about the second unit here’s what it looked like: Will Oliver (left tackle), Carl Hulick (left guard), Kody Innes (center), Alexander Ceachir (right guard), Ben Wysocki (right tackle).

***The second unit struggled offensively. Richard Brehaut’s first four pass attempts went incomplete and there also was a muffed snap in that first series. QB Brett Hundley went 4 for 5 on his first series that included a couple handoffs to Jordan James. James in that series made a nice sideline-to-sideline run to make something out of nothing. Hundley showed off his speed in open space.

****Dalton Hilliard continues to play inside, though Mora says he’s still a safety. Hilliard considers himself a linebacker and seems to embrace his new role as a guy playing close to the line. He laid out Jordon James and Johnathan Franklin at the line of scrimmage for two huge plays. Randall Goforth continues to impress. He stepped in front of Roosevelt Davis on a Kevin Prince throw and raced down the sideline for a long gain. Cassius Marsh wreaked havoc penetrating with ease. Jordan Payton made a nice grab tip-toeing down the sideline for a nice gain.

*****Walk-on Erick Zumwalt got the defense riled up when he intercepted Brett Hundley in the end zone on a pass intended for Darius Bell. That Devin Lucien caught a touchdown pass from Hundley on the next play is a long forgotten footnote.

******Wednesday’s practice is close to the public.

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  • Flexmonk

    Nice reports Miguel. It’s not looking good with the 3 OL out, and unfortunately Mora actually said Cid is the “furthest away” and not the “farthest along” as the report states. So who knows if we will get those guys back.

  • VB

    Miguel, Does “closed to the public” also mean closed to the media? In other words, there will be no more coverage until the first game? Is there at least a post-practice presser?

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    I believe the media can attend the practices, within certain guidlines from Mora, like don’t repeat certain things, don’t give away our game plan for Rice, don;t describe the “triple-reverve-flea-flicker-hail-mary-statue-of-liberty-center-eligible-trick-play,” etc. As long as Miguel stays within those guidelines, he can report on practice. But, the public is excluded. Unlike Howland that closes most of his practices to the public AND media. A week away from the opener at Rice, I take it we have transitioned from ‘camp’ to game week prep. A little weird this week with a Thursday game for the opener.

  • VB

    Where is Jon ????

  • Reformed Droog

    Via Twitter:

    TheCoolSub: Excited to announce I’m joining CBS Sports @CBSSportsNet as a new Pac-12 football and Arizona Cardinals blogger next week.

  • VB

    Sorry to hear he is still going to be a blogger since he made it abudantly clear to us that it is not his passion or forte.

    Peace out Jon.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Good for Jon. He proves that life is sometimes a funny thing. Do a cr@ppy job, and move up to a better job. Beat of luck, Jon. I hope you find you mojo again. You certainly lost it here. Really, I hope you are jazzed about you new position and keep your performance level as high as when you started this post.

  • Reformed Droog

    Quick – name one outstanding Daily News blog.

    I’ll wait.

    Can’t think of one? Hmm, I wonder if there’s something to that…

  • Flexmonk

    @Reformed Droog
    I realize this is Miguel’s ramp up period, but if he keeps this up I can honestly name Inside UCLA.

  • Reformed Droog

    Miguel may very well be highly successful and I hope that he is for his and our sakes.

    I think that would be an anomaly, however, not the norm. The reality is that some news sources make a commitment to their blog presence and some don’t.

    I mean, Jon couldn’t even get a freaking tripod. I kid. (Or not.) The technology behind the website has been a joke for years. It took almost a year to fix the posting delay. Doesn’t sound like an organization that has embraced new media.

    Ultimately, maybe I’m defending Jon because we had a brief, but lovely, bromance, but I think that some of the dicks around here should at least be less ignorant dicks and understand that maybe there are other circumstances that can influence a writer’s work.