Wednesday’s Practice Recap: UCLA gets Rice looks.

*UCLA squared up against scout teams on offense and defense. The teams were split up on two fields and they worked off of cards, giving the offense some looks that are different from UCLA’s own defense.

**The biggest news out of today’s practice was the return of Jeff Baca, Greg Capella and Alberto Cid. The trio have been out with concussions since San Bernardino. On Tuesday, UCLA coach Jim Mora said Capella was the closest to coming back and hinted he would do so today, which he did. There was no word on when Baca would return, much less Cid since Mora said he was the farthest along. But both Baca and Cid also returned today though their activity was limited. On the three linemen coming back, Mora said: “they looked good. They’re through the acclimation period.” When asked if they were ready to go, Mora simply said, “Yup.”

***Mora said Ellis McCarthy was back on the field for the first time, adding that he did a good job. McCarthy has been part of individual drills the last couple days but he didn’t take part in team drills today.

****Mora was asked if we can assume that the scout team will not in the game plan. Mora siad, “You cannot assume anything because guys will be on the scout team over working and moving back and forth.”

*****On players who might redshirt, Mora said some decisions have been made but nothing that’s going to be annoucned. “Probably at all all year. You can keep asking but you’ll probably get the same answer. I don’t want to announce anything and then reneg on it.”

******QB Brett Hundley didn’t get a lot of help in team drills or in 7-on-7s. There were a handful of dropped passes. He did make some pretty sweet passes for large gains to Steven Manfro and Darius Bell. Fabian Moreau keeps showing promise at cornerback with a Pick 6, his second in as many days.

UCLA will have a walk-through at the Rose Bowl on Thursday. It’s closed to the public and media.

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    I like Mora’s honest responses- even if they don’t divulge much information, it’s honest. Very Belichick-ian of him. Smart. Neuheisel answered everything, with dates and times, and then those things typically never happened by said date/time.

  • bruinbiochem06

    The return of our three Offensive Linemen and Ellis McCarthy is great news.

    BTW Miguel,

    I like the way you’re doing player interviews now without the fade-in fade-out between questions. It’s easier to follow what the player is saying when we hear what you asked him. Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous

    you my boy miguel!!! i see you dogg!!

  • BiII

    You will all respect what I am


  • Brock

    haha mora seemed kind of like a dick during the interview. had me cracking up

  • Roose Bolton

    Speaking about redshirting…any info on Jeremy Castro?