Patrick Larimore this morning on Dan Patrick Show

ABOVE: This is a tribute poster for Patrick Larimore that I found while searching for a photo to accompany this post. Thought it looked pretty cool. It’s from a die hard Bruin fan. At the bottom right you can see a quote LB coach Jeff Ulbrich gave us when asked about the unique player that Larimore was. (Courtesy photo)

Patrick Larimore, who medically retired a week into UCLA’s fall camp in San Bernardino, appeared this morning on The Dan Patrick Show and talked about the difficulty in making his decision. Larimore also talks about the lingering symptoms weeks after his first concussion in spring camp such as difficulty of sleep, confusion and, most recently, mood swings. The thing I found most shocking is that Larimore’s had six official concussions. Here are some snippets from the interview with a link to The Dan Patrick Show below so you can listen to the interview in its entirety.

On how difficult the past two weeks have been:
“The past two weeks have been very tough. I had a concussion at the start of camp. It really weighed on my mind. I had to fight internally even with my parents. Ultimately I felt like I was really letting my teammates down. That was what really hurt the most, but I had to make the decision.

On meeting with his teammates to deliver the news:
At first I thought I was letting them all down but I knew right away that they were more concerned about my long-term health which was a huge relief to me. Also I want to make it known that the UCLA coaching staff and UCLA as a whole was very positive towards me and really took the time, was cautious with me bringing me around and bringing me back. I don’t think that’s how it is everywhere in the country, and I just want to recognize that.

On talking with parents about coming to a decision:
Part of what happens when you go through personality changes, (you get) a lot of mood swings. Over the past two weeks I went from talking to my parents, them trying to tell me to stop and to yelling at them and not trusting them; a wide range of emotions I was going through. I (am) so lucky to have a family to help me through a time like this because it was such a hard decision to make. I imagine that there’s kids elsewhere throughout the country that are going through similar things that might not have the support that I have. I just want to do the best I can to spread some knowledge on the this issue.

On being around the team again:
“It’s important for me to get back around the team soon, and even though I won’t be able to play I’ve been with my teammates this whole year. I’ve really seen the commitment and the change, and just being around the program for the last year really has been just an opportunity to see how a real tam works and how real efficient coaches are. It’s just been a real opportunity for me, and even though I can’t play I’m confident my teammates are going to be very succuessful.”

Larimore later in the interview is asked how concerned he is with brain damage, how the mood swings went away and if he’ll let his kids play football.CLICK HERE to listen to the entire interview.