OFFENSE: UCLA’s tentative depth chart for Rice

This is the tentative depth chart for the Rice game, per UCLA. When you’re going through it and you start asking yourself questions just remember: take it with a grain (pound?) of salt.

X (receiver)
Jerry Johnson
Tyler Scott
Logan Sweet

Xavier Su’a-Filo
Torian White

Greg Capella
Jake Seydel

Jake Brendel
Tre Hale

Jeff Baca
Alexandru Ceachir

Brett Downey
Conor McDermott

Y (receiver)
Darius Bell
Joseph Fauria
Ian Taubler

F (receiver)
Steven Manfro
Kenneth Walker
Roosevelt Davis

Brett Hundley
(backups listed alphabetically)
Richard Brehaut
Jerry Neuheisel
Kevin Prince

David Allen
Phillip Ruhl
Luke Gane

Johnathan Franklin
Jordon James
Damien Thigpen
Malcolm Jones

Z (receiver)
Shaq Evans
Devin Lucien
Ricky Marvray

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  • bushwhite

    wow I thought USC had a good WR combo in Woods and Lee or oregon’s WR corps was great but none of them stack
    up to…err..who are they again? Oh yeah jerry johnson and steven afro..err manfro

  • BruinBall

    So is Daruis Bell really ahead of Fauria on the depth chart? What gives?

  • zanef

    Interesting that C.McDermott is at number 2 when Simon goines was practicing with the 1’s. Conor McDermott is about 40 lbs away from playing, isnt he?


    I’m with BruinBall ^ WTF…? Mora looks fantastic- and no knock against anyone listed as starter, but I hope Mora knows how to use the weapons he has- because we sure as hell haven’t been doing that very well for the last few years- there were guys sitting on the bench who should have been on the field, plain and simple.