ICYMI: The Daily News’ college football preview

In case you missed it, on Sunday the Daily News published its college football preview. The UCLA preview includes five burning questions, a depth chart and schedule with tidbits for starters and a comment for each game. You can always visit the Daily News’ UCLA page for notebooks, features and previews that are not on the blog.

Here’s what else we have with links:

Jill Painter on UCLA: Jim Mora has grand plans

Meet the new Pac-12 … Same as the old Pac-12?

Tale of the Tape, Pac-12 vs. SEC

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  • Coach Thom

    I love the tone, texture, and message of Jill Painter’s article. She clearly is a proud Southern Cal supporter, and she doesn’t hold back when pointing out UCLA’s ongoing deficiencies. However, she fails to mention the 8 consecutive wins UCLA posted over Southern Cal in the 90s. When she points out that ‘Southern Cal owns LA’, she doesn’t touch on UCLA’s basketball record nor that fact that UCLA actually has won more NCAA national championships than Southern Cal. I would like Coach Jim to make this article required reading for all his players and coaches. Then, maybe…UCLA will own LA.

  • VB

    Jill Painter went to the University of Colorado. She has no preference for USC or a reason to be biased toward them. Stop being a homer, Coach Thom.

  • SLOTrojan

    50-0 = owning LA.

  • ProbationU

    2 Cows & 3 Sheep = Owning SLO