Monday Report: Three days and counting ….

*In the words of Jay-Z, what more can I say? We’re restricted on what we can write. So I posted video with UCLA coach Jim Mora above.

Mora’s opening statement:
“That would be a typical Thursday practice for us in a normal game week. A lot of situational work. We had the officials out here today which was good for us, and I think we were clean on a lot of things. One of the the things we have to be ready to adjust is when we substitute in and out how they stand over the ball with the umpire and how that affects our operation.”

On weather conditions at Rice:
It’s supposed to be a high of 96, a low of 76 and it’s supposed to be 71 percent humidity. There’s a 40 percent chance of rain during the day.

On preparing for playing in rain:
You don’t worry about rain. I grew up in Seattle. That’s the last thing I worry about.

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  • VB

    Rain or not, we will beat Rice 38-16. They will go up early 10-0, we will then rally off 38 unanswered points. Rice will get two more field goals in garbage time as our 3rd string gets some reps.

    Then, we beat Nebraska 24-21.

    Ranked #24 heading into week 3.

    Dan Guerrero pats himself on the back lauds himself for “getting us back into the Top 25.” He appears at the press conference with a big “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” sign behind the podium.

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    Wait a minute! Wouldn’t Monday’s practice be a typical Wednesday’s practice when the game is on Thursday, not Saturday? C’mon Jim! Did you forget a day or what? Or did he just mix it up a bit to confuse Rice? LOL

  • Anonymous

    3 days to opening day. Can we get on with it and announce that Jon gold is off the blog already ?

  • VB

    Jon Gold already announced on his Twitter that he is headed to CBS to blog for the Pac12 and the Arizona Cardinals… He is going to haphazardly cover 13 teams now instead of 1.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think CJMJ counts a travel day as a practice day, therefore, this would be the Thursday or second to last practice day before a Saturday game..

  • Facescar

    @UB he said that what they went through today would be a typical thursday’s practice. That doesn’t mean he’s going to copy and paste two days later.

    I’m not surprised they’d have the usual stuff a little earlier on the first week, just to make sure there are no hiccups / surprises.

    Makes me a little sad that Gold’s moving on, but Melendez has proven himself more than capable so far 🙂

  • Coach Thom

    I think Miguel’s nose is a little out of joint over Coach Jim’s newly installed interview protocols. It’s quite a leap from the former coach who couldn’t keep his mouth shut simply because he loved the sound of his own voice so much. Coach Jim is a hard nut, and the media are going to have to come to terms with that. “Ask me anything you want…but don’t expect me to answer.” I like it.

  • Bruin

    Im sorry but these reporters suck. Why waste your first question on the weather? Who cares about the intinerary?