USA Today: Rose Bowl 10th among Pac-12 stadiums

USA Today ranked Pac-12 stadiums and lists the Rose Bowl at No. 10. That’s gotta be a little low, right? If it’s based on attendance then it’s a fair argument, and that’s the beef USA Today has with the Rose Bowl, that there are pockets of empty seats. But if you’re talking prestige and tradition the Rose Bowl has to be higher on the list. And the Rose Bowl has way more to offer than most Pac-12 stadiums in terms of providing great fan experience for all fans. Whether it’s a 12:30, 4:30 or even a 7:30 start, the Rose Bowl’s close proximity to Old Town offers fans before or after the game a slew of fun options on the world famous stretch of Colorado Boulevard, including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, movie theaters, lounges, and even the Apple Store. For the record I live in Pasadena, so I’ve seen this with my own eyes: USC fans grabbing breakfast/brunch at Old Town before USC games, and the same goes for fans from the visiting teams playing at the Coliseum. Interesting, right? For what it’s worth, the Coliseum is No. 3 on the USA Today list. Your thoughts …

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  • brewnz

    It’s pretty simple….if UCLA fields a great product, more fans will come as they did in the mid-to-late 90’s. We die-hards will always attend, but the casual fan won’t stomach the “lack of determination” we’ve witnessed from most of the teams UCLA has fielded

  • Slippery Pete

    There seems to be zero objective criteria for this listing. The author just lists off the stadiums he likes more based on team success than the actual stadium itself.

    The Rose Bowl has hosted the Super Bowl, World Cup final, Olympic Soccer Final, and National Championship game.

  • Nacho El Taquero

    The Slumiseum is a cesspool worthy of infected rats and dirty cockroaches, and cheating coaches. Plus the surrounding area is dangerous and crime-infested.

  • BruinFaithful

    ^^^^Jim Mora, is that you?jk

    I totally agree that the Mausoleum is one GREAT cesspool and in NO way should be ranked that high.

    No way the Rose Bowl should be listed that low. Even if you factor in fan atmosphere at the moment. There is no more beautiful scene than the San Gabriel mountains as a backdrop in the fall. The tailgating scene is great. The Rose Bowl is also getting an incredible face lift. Few stadiums in the country, much less in the Pac-12 could offer all this. 10th is an absolute joke. Several other opinions have us in top 25 and top 10. Polls from ESPN and SI. what’s do.these clowns know? They can’t even freaken get their polling right.


    Much as judging women’s beauty, are we looking at the face, the body, the sexuality, or the personality?

    Oregon and Oregon St have compact stadiums with rabid fans, and the atmosphere is electric.

    Did not think much of Cal and Stanford and ASU– pretty pedestrian.

    Have not been to Arizona, Colorado, Utah or WSU

    Washington is loud and picturesque with the boats coming in from Puget Sound.

    As for the coliseum, I have loved it since I was a kid and was afraid I would fall walking down the steep steps. Of course, since I have witnessed so many incredible games there I am biased, but the view of downtown from the high seats, and the peristyle, and the excitement of a top college team make for a very nice venue

    I won’t be as prejudiced against my ucla brethren in discussing the Rose Bowl as they were in ragging on the coliseum. Quite frankly, since I have witnessed many exciting games there on January 1 it holds a sentimental place to me.

  • The Blur

    I can’t imagine a better place to tailgate.
    The scenery is fantastic.
    Stadium is historic.
    The colors are great.
    Warm sun and beautiful girls everywhere.
    Low probability of getting shot on the way out.

    The empty seats are a disappointment on gameday. I would entertain arguments for Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, but that’s it.

  • Blueblood

    USA TODAY? WHAT HECK IS A USA TODAY? Is it something you line the cat’s litter box or bird cage with? I pity the the poor cat or bird that has to relieve itself on a RAG!

  • sandiegobruinfan

    The USA Today is published at a 3rd grade reading level and only remains in business thanks to hotels. How that coloring paper is held up as any reliable authority on anything is beyond me.

    See y’all at the RB a week from Saturday.

    Go Bruins!

  • Jim T

    What’s funny/pathetic is in the picture Miguel posted there are more USC fans than UCLA fans at a UCLA home game. Pretty sad.

  • VB

    Correction: The Rose Bowl USED TO BE a great place to tailgate. Two years ago, thanks in part to a bunch of drunk, low-life USC fans, a brawl ensued and the Rose Bowl had a knee-jerk reaction and DESTROYED tailgate for all the Bruin fans who peacefully tailgated week in and week out.

    I agree, it is still the most picturesque, safe and family-oriented tailgate I have witnessed, but it is NOWHERE near the caliber of intensity and fanhood UB and I witnessed at our trip to Austin, Texas two years ago.

    As for the stadium itself. The Rose Bowl is beautiful, and I love attending games there. The empty seats are due to fairweather Bruin fans, and the fact that the stadium seats 90,000. Even USC had trouble filling their stadium when they were struggling with .500 seasons. If the Bruins turn things around and win 10 games per year, the Rose Bowl should see a regular attendance of 85,000-90,000.

    Of course, as long as Donut Dan Guerrero is in charge, the football program will never have the attention and care it deserves! I mean, the dude lauded himself big time over the new turf on our 80 YARD practice field. Like a damn recruit really cares about new turf. The improvement was NECESSARY to prevent future injuries, but certainly does nothing to lure in the recruits who visit the McKay Center and the Oregon facilities.

    It’s like me telling my landlord that I need new appliances and a bathroom remodel or I am moving somewhere else, and all he does is paint 80% of the apartment eggshell white, expecting that to satisfy me.



  • Anonymous

    The Rose Bowl is the best stadium in the country when it comes to bowl season and it hosts the Rose Bowl GAME.

    With the exception of a few nasty exchanges from both fanbases the USC game is always special regardless of where the two schools are in the standings.

    During UCLA’s regular season you see more excitement and camaraderie at the Bowl parking lot’s monthly swap meet.

  • scidiot

    Face it. Most the seats, er benches, at the Rose Bowl are bad. The vast majority of seats are in the endzones. God forbid you have to use the bathroom during a sellout game, you may never get back in.

  • VB

    Don’t worry about the endzone seats. Donut Dan takes care of this by dumping them off to high school bandos & cheerleaders, pee-wee football players, and “I’m Going to College” kids. They serve 3 purposes:

    1) They purchase food and boost the concessions revenue.
    2) They fill the empty space behind the goalposts so it doesn’t look like we are playing a high school game on television.
    3) They provide halftime entertainment since Gordon Henderson is too lazy to come up with any interesting routines.

    Of course, we could always do Donut Dan’s other strategy, which is market to the away team under the notion that they could “come watch history be made.” ***referencing the year we played Fresno State at the Rose Bowl and UCLA decided to market to the away fans to come and watch history be made as Fresno State could possibly beat UCLA for the first time in Pasadena. Of course, they DID beat us that year, and there were 25,000 roaring Bulldog fans there to rub it in after the game, all thanks to Donut Dan and the brilliant marketing.

  • SLOTrojan

    He must have weighed fan support and the overall atmosphere in stadium on game day higher than the physical structure. Only Bruin fans could turn a beautiful venue into an empty, emotionless event.

  • The Monopoly is Over Here 2.0

    USC Owns the Rose Bowl…… Must be true it’s written in the McKay Center..

  • Even if one did not like UCLA, how did the Rose Bowl come out on the wrong side of a comparison to the Coliseum? Keep in mind, this is Sports Illustrated’s number one college football venue and #20 in the list of ALL sports venues in the world. Just for the weather alone, one might think the ranking would be higher.

    Some possibilities come to mind: The Rose Bowl is not an on-campus venue. There are 20,000-40,000 empty seats for home games. The Bruins are in the football doldrums. USA Today might think that the Bruins are not deserving of such a college football shrine. Looking at the other conference stadium rankings, it seems current program success is the largest factor.