Eli Ankou in the process to shed greyshirt, join UCLA

Eli Ankou, a 6-foot-3, 245-pound defensive end, was supposed to greyshirt this season but has since been called by UCLA coach Jim Mora and is expected to join the team soon.

“We’re calling on reinforcements,” Mora said. “He’s ready to go, he’s excited to go. He just got to get the paperwork done, and since he’s an international student, that’s a little bit different. Gosh, I hope we see him next week. We’re a little bit thin on the defensive line, so yeah, he’ll be in.”

Ankou is Canadian and was expected to enroll at UCLA in time for the spring quarter. But depth on the defensive line puts Ankou, a three-star recruit, on the fast track. The Bruins suffered a hit at defensive end when Sam Tai was lost for the season with a torn ACL. Iuta Tepa transferred to Hawaii.

“We’ll see where he is,” Mora said. “It’s interesting, because it started out as he was going to greyshirt. And then we called him a week or so ago and said, ‘Hey, you know what, we need you.’ I was really interested to see if he was resistant, and he was like, ‘Great, here I come.’ So it’s good.”

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  • USC – 714

    How come there is no story on this blog about how a USC/Matt Barkley billboard in Westwood was removed because UCLA fans were bitching about it lol.
    Was this news story really beat out by a report on some Canadian lineman? Or is it just something UCLA wants to keep hidden.

  • KolbAte10Eggs

    Crazy how a position can degenerate from solid depth to icily thin. See, e.g., OG after Ward, Yandall, and Griffiths all medically retired since spring and Baca, Capella, and CID all went down for most of camp.

    I hope we can still RS Ankou. If we can’t, things will have gone horribly wrong. Still, glad to have him aboard.

    Go Bruins


  • UCLA – 714

    Hello, neighbor.
    I believe you’ll find this blog is much more on topic than the one run by Mr. Wolf.
    On a personal note, when I saw pictures of the billboard, I was thinking that Barkley would look great with a mustache. Something like this: http://i.imgur.com/p6n3W.jpg
    I’m glad to not have to become a misdemeanor criminal over something like this.

  • USC – 714

    Well look what we have here, happy to know that my log-in name was such an inspiration to you UCLA-714. Just another example of how USC folk are able to control and influence the actions of their UCLA counterparts huh?

    I almost didnt look at the link you provided, but then I thought eh why not. The whole USC-cheating thing has gotten kind of old. Besides, USC doesnt have to cheat to beat UCLA, to beat UCLA all a team would have to do is simply show up.

    Guess I’ll go on over to Wolf’s blog now, but I may stop by again when I’m bored just to see what drama is going on in Westwood. Cheers!

  • SUC – 714

    I hate myself.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any idea how to watch the game if you don’t have CBS sports network? Any help would be appreciated…

  • Nacho El Taquero
  • Anonymous

    Funny how trogans are always going out of their way to say “Who cares about UCLA?” and following it up by scouring the internet for UCLA stories to troll. I guess buying a USC shirt at Walmart makes people feel important.

  • Anonymous


    Thank you. Sending karma points (:

  • Johnny B Bruin

    Good news , Bruin fans are regardless, SUC fans, you may have noticed,
    A. Do not like Basketball
    B. Become Basketball fans of the Bruins

  • Thank you, Nacho!