Video: Brett Hundley and Jim Mora after the game

Daily News staff writer Jill Painter caught freshman QB Brett Hundley and Coach Jim Mora after UCLA’s Aug. 30, 2012 victory over Rice in Houston.

This is the Daily News’ HTML5-compatible media player.

This is the Daily News’ HTML5-compatible media player.

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  • Anonymous

    Who’s the classless jackass baiting Mora?

    Must be a Trojan.

  • bruin805

    It’s that POS TJ Simers from that POS newspaper

  • Anonymous

    SLIMERS is a miserable old piece of sh!t. I haven’t read any of his garbage in years. Don’t bother complaining to the L.A. Fishwrap….as SLIMERS and the Daily Fish Wrap love the attention. CJM should request UCLA revoke SLIMERS media pass/access to UCLA Football.


  • Anonymous

    Mora went 2:35 without mentioning USC. Must be a new record for him.

  • BSKB

    Do the LA Times editors ever listen to Simmers talk let alone read his column? He is an embarrassment.

  • Eric The Midget

    BJ Simmers up to his old tricks. Mora will learn fast how to deal with him, just like all the other coaches in LA do.

  • Mike Tyson

    Did someone take a bite out of Hundley’s ear?

  • Coach Rick Neuheisal

    If we can get Jetski about 125-150 yards rushing against Nebraska, I’m thinking he’s going to start getting mentions for a certain national award in New York. Dude looks good in Mora’s system.

  • Lloyd Lake

    Trojans cheating again. What else is new. Win at any cost.

    A key figure charged in the L.A. County assessor’s office probe says he gave cash and perks to USC football star Joe McKnight and basketball player Davon Jefferson while they were in school. Gifts could be a violation of NCAA rules.,0,2754795.story


    Actually, if you don’t have thin skin and don’t take yourself seriously, TJ can be funny, certainly funnier than posters.

    Pehaps that is why he gets paid for his garbage while we posters don’t for ours.

  • Anonymous

    L.J. (aka b-real)…Go ahead…take all of us back to the Slimers HILARIOUS years when his daily schtick was all about his son in law (My side still aches just thinking about THE GROCERY BAGGER stories……NOT!).
    The NEWSPAPER BUSINESS is DYING, Slimers is a HACK, and you are a BORE! Fit on Torgan!

  • Anonymous

    lloyd, my prediction is that the only reason the times printed the story is that the trogans have some way to make the story diappear, or to go in their favor. Far be it from the hack newspaper times to do some investigative reporting that would hurt the cheaters. where were they during the bush scandal, when it took yahoo to tell the true story? yahoo can find it better than a local guy, hmmm.

  • Jeff Sagarin

    I heard T.J. Simers’ question to Coach Mora claiming Rice was “one the worst teams you’ll ever see.”

    “Worst” is relative compared to who is playing. Using my statistical analysis, UCLA actual beat Rice more convincingly than Southern Cal beat Hawai’i.

    Southern Cal had a 22 point statistical advantage over Hawai’i (don’t confuse “statistical advantage” with a betting spread driven by how money is being wagered on opposing teams). UCLA had only a 7 point statistical advantage.

    Yet while Southern Cal outscored their advantage by 17, UCLA outscored their advantage by 18 (which would have been 25+ had not that TD been erroneously called back by off-setting penalties, as opposed to only the UCLA penalty).

    I have followed Ms. Simmers for years and have come to the conclusion that logic and judicious analysis could not be considered part of his array of talents.

  • Anonymous

    No news since Friday? This blog has become a total joke.


  • Anonymous

    Complainers keep complaining…

  • Anonymous

    UCLA is 5 point underdogs against Nebraska … kind of low isn’t it?

  • BSKB

    So Anon says there is news that should be reported today. I’m sure he’ll deliver some details that the blog has not. After all, Labor day is usually such a busy news day.


    Use the 2 F’s- FRANKLIN & FAURIA!