Monday Report: UCLA works on PATs, etc.

*UCLA practiced a half hour earlier today and got done around 12ish. They practiced for about 20 minutes on PATs on the heels of three blocked extra points Thursday against Rice. UCLA coach Jim Mora confirmed there has been personnel moves on the line, but mostly he was looking for footwork and technique. “We worked a lot on technique, foot placement and pad level,” Mora said. “Those were the problems on Thursday night. We had a elongated steps and our pad levels (were) too high, and we weren’t getting punch. You can’t take anything for granted. We gotta get that fixed yesterday.”

A new group got in the mix up front. “We did mix up the personnel in there, absolutely (with) little bit more experience going forward; guys who have done it, a little more stout,” Mora said. “You try to get guys in there that you think maybe have’t done it before and bad things happen, lesson learned. You have to really work on it hard because if that fire gets out of control it’s hard to stop.”

**LB Jordan Zumwalt (tightness) and LB Anthony Barr (tightness) did not take part in practice, but it was more precautionary than anything else.

***UCLA welcomed five new walk-ons, as Mora addresses in the video above. Among them is Mitch Johnson, who hails from Bellevue, Washington. He’s a freshman.

*****Former Bruin kicker Kai Forbath was at UCLA working out. He spent 20 minutes after practice launching kicks with distance and power. It’s almost a wonder how he was cut by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a few days ago.

*****Freshman Torian White, Simon Goines and Jake Brendel played their first game in college last week. What they lack in experience they more than make up for with talent and upside. The amount of reps and the pace with which Mora ran practice helped the unit. Brendel, the center, added that Mora’s ability to simulate practice to game experience really helped him. It’s why it didn’t take longer than a rep to get Brendel going. More on the OL in Tuesday’s paper.

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    “…on the hells of three blocked extra points…”
    Now that is one typo that is probably more right-on than what was intended i.e. heels

    Nebraska bringing maybe 16,000 rooters to ucla’s 40,000 will provide a somewhat neutral crowd noise effect, which is different and always fun. And the Big Red is not one of the bruins’ favorite colors

  • Anonymous

    Is Forbath able to provide pointers to our new kicker? Or does that violate NCAA rules?

  • Anonymous

    Hey BE REAL PUSC! Why does a “so called” PUSC fan spend all his time on a UCLA blog. Somebody is obsessed with UCLA. It’s okay UCLA is the most applied to University in the country. Just because you were not accepted into UCLA doesn’t mean you still have to whine like a little girl about it. Go ahead and be a “fan” of a school where its students are murdered right outside its campus, but please stop this hate everything UCLA mentality. Loser.

    -Signed, your therapist

    P.S. You still owe $300 from your last session.

  • Mitt Romney

    @Be Real,

    A few minutes away from the campaign trail to check out the Bruins blog….and I just need to know…why does a weaselly bastard like you continue to bother following the plucky little Bruins.

    Is n’t there more interesting info over on the USC Police blotter to check out which aflete was taken off to the hooscow?

    I realize that you like to see the rise you get out of Bruin fans, but as one of Brigham Young’s grandson’s said to me once…

    “If you have no horse in the corral, then just shut the fuck up!” Or something liek that…See ya in salt Lke City!

  • The Blur

    Soooooooooo, we practiced PAT’s for 20 min, but how did they look? Were they going through or what?


    Good golly, Miss Molly, I cannot imagine being much more plaintiff in my comments than the above. So what’s with the outrage. Of course, those coarse responses could be from 16 year old SC-haters.

    But if you bruins are going to despise me for such innocuous comments, you are in for some big surprises this season, pilgrims.

  • Jon Gold

    Anyone know where I can get a good slice of banana cream pie?

  • Anonymous

    Paralegal (b-real)…Why aren’t you and your torgan friends busy hanging out w/ local Bail Bondsmen to identify arrestees that might be of help to your football team upon release?
    fit on torgan!

  • Anonymous

    Any chance we get good info on the new walk-ons?

  • Anonymous

    walk on kicker looks very good, from Bellevue High in Wash state. State champs 2010 and 2011. Bellevue dominated and scored lots of points so he has LOTS of PATs, can’t find any he missed.

  • Nacho El Taquero

    Miguel, why no post on Franklin being named pac-12 player of the week?

  • Taco Frio

    Miguel, why no post on anything? Why coverage great during fall camp, but sucky after seasons start?

  • Anonymous

    wow do you people ever read wolfs blog ( i know you do), what a bunch of hypocrites- no one but bRUINS comments on wolfs bs anymore, anyway enough on the murders outside usc campus, this is a flag you people wave?? really? last i checked there was a recent murder at fucla ON CAMPUS, when one student slit the throat of another student in the bio department during quarter! and another just bit the dust riding his bike across campus too…should we wave that flag against the bRUINS now too?? unbeleiveable how so many weak and low self esteem fans need to play that card, tired of the ghetto (race) card already? the reason you guys suck at football is cause the ones who go there are taking the easy way out, and it shows on the field- and lastly, what about the cheating scandal? no mentions at all??? miuel is such a homer and this proves it, cheat on as sam gilbert and the pious wooden always did!

  • Anonymous

    highlight video of walk on kicker- thank god!

    and new QB walk on:

  • Lane Kiffin

    @Anonymous September 4, 2012 2:42 PM

    Stop wasting your time over here…you and Be Real should come back for some of that Trojan man-loving you hankering for. I’ll talk to the Band Master to see if you can get back to doing what you do best…playing the skin flute!