Tuesday Report: UCLA’s Jim Mora talks Nebraska.

UCLA coach Jim Mora talked a little about Nebraska after the morning practice. You can watch the video above, but if you have a crazy data plan and I’ve transcribed the important stuff below so you can read.

Mora on Nebraska’s size up front:
“You don’t go in going, ‘Oh God these guys are big.’ That’s not what you do. You execute your fundamentals and technique and let it roll.”

On Nebraska’s strengths:
“Their strengths are offensively their quarterback, their depth at running back. The way they’re balanced running and throwing the football, their depth overall. They lost three offensvie starters in the game last week and didn’t miss a beat. Their scheme is very difficult to defend because it’s very diverse. Defenisvely, they’re big and physical. Bo Pelini is an oustanding defensive mind. He’ll have some good pressure packages for us.”

On whether the Bruins prepare as if Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead will play:
We prepare for schemes not necessarily players. Their scheme isn’t going to change no matter who’s in there. They’ve got depth at that position. They didn’t slow down a lick when (Burkhead) went out the other day.”

On QB Taylor Martinez:
He was really imrpessive. right now a lot has been made whether or not he can take that next step. All indications are he took it. He took a giant leap. He looked really good and comfortable in the pocket . He looked comfortalbe moving outside the pocket. He can run the football. He does everything well. What I respect most about him is his competitive spirit. The guy just keeps coming and keeps coming. He’s a fighter.”

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  • Simer’s Brother

    How do you prepare for playing a team that is much bigger than Rice?

    How do you prepare for playing a team that has more size than Rice?

    How do you prepare for playing a team that is much bigger than the last team?

  • Anonymous

    Second largest media market in the nation and these hack writers are the best we can find?!?!

  • Anonymous


    Newspaper reporter is a dying profession. The only ones left doing it are aged reporters (like Simers) who are too old to get out or new guys that aren’t smart enough to figure out it’s a dying profession.

  • Really?

    Miguel, any observations/notes/comments regarding the actual practice? UCLABruins.com puts up video interviews of Mora. You think we can get some actual information on what happened during practice? How did the team look? Was practice up-beat? Did Fairbairn make his PAT’s? Is Barr playing without the cast?


  • Semi-Pro

    Publishing information regarding the details of practice is restricted by the coaching staff, including player performance and injury information. Melendez says all he’s allowed to say.

  • Vvvbj

    Get off his ass, it’s a free service. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody…Tell that BIG MOUTH “reporter” to stuff a cork in it.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Miguel, regarding that hack reporter that kept mentioning Nebraska’s size, let him know that the UCLA Bruin front lines are just as big if not bigger.

    LT 76 Brent Qvale, 6-7, 315, Jr.
    LG 77 Seung Hoon Choi, 6-2, 290, Sr.
    C 72 Justin Jackson, 6-3, 280, Sr.
    RG 61 Spencer Long, 6-4, 305, Jr.
    RT 71 Jeremiah Sirles, 6-6, 310, Jr.

    DE 9 Jason Ankrah, 6-4, 265, Jr.
    DT 97 Chase Rome, 6-3, 285, So.
    DT 55 Baker Steinkuhler, 6-6, 290, Sr.
    DE 34 Cameron Meredith, 6-4, 260, Sr.

    LT 77 Torian White | 6-6, 295, FR
    LG 56 Xavier Su’a-Filo | 6-4, 310, SO
    C 54 Jake Brendel | 6-5, 295, FR
    RG 60 Jeff Baca | 6-4, 304, SR
    RT 74 Simon Goines | 6-7, 324, FR

    DE 56 Datone Jones | 6-5, 280, SR
    DT 98 Seali’i Epenesa | 6-2, 323, JR
    DE 99 Cassius Marsh | 6-4, 295, JR

  • Anonymous

    Both teams may have size, but there is a big difference between a 300 lb Sr and a 300 lb Fr. You have to figure the Sr did not weigh that when he showed up on campus, and has grown into that weight. Differnce will come down to conditioning…

  • Jeff_Georgia

    Regarding size, Anonymous 9-4 at 6:13 pm, is correct. UCLA matches up quite well with the Huskers in height and weight. Now, whether or not they match up in execution, strength, and quickness, Saturday will tell.

    Regarding “how they looked at practice,” many squads, like the Huskers, allow reporters little or no access to practice. Thank heaven Miss State does, because that is how the Husker coaches got most of their game prep info!

  • Good Guy Greg

    Someone should tell the Daily News that the “UCLA-Nebraska” ticket deal they are advertising on the top of the page has EXPIRED.

    What a joke.

  • TD2013

    Nebraska didnt play miss state. They played southern miss who had to move their practice around. If they got a look at the Southern Miss players before the game, then it was news to them and southern miss.