Thursday Report: Jim Mora excited for Nebraska.

UCLA will hold a walk-through Friday morning before leaving for their hotel later that night. UCLA coach Jim Mora addressed a few things after Thursday’s practice. He said UCLA will not have a uniform change for Saturday’s game against Nebraska. Mora talked on a few other subjects: On the difference between UCLA QB Brett Hundley and Nebraska QB Taylor Martinez. “Taylor is not as big as Brett,” Mora said. “Taylor is probably faster than Brett. Taylor is more experienced than Brett. Brett’s probably more of your prototypical throwing motion but Taylor is a much more seasoned and experienced player than Brett, much more. We hope one day that Brett is operating with the efficiency that Taylor is right now.” Mora was asked if when he was hired and looked at the schedule and saw Nebraska in Week 2 if that was a game he would have wanted a few more weeks down the road. “I was excited about the game,” Mora said. “Any time you see a Nebraska on your schedule, a team of national prominence like Nebraska … if you’re a competitor you get your juices going. This is the perfect time for it to come, and I think we’ll be ready to go on Saturday.”

Some of you have wondered why the coverage has gone down on the blog the last couple days, maybe even the last week or two in terms of practice reports. If you haven’t noticed by now, the media is limited on what we can report from practice. This means: no injury updates, no updates on who missed practice, and nothing on schemes, performances and even scuffles. So at the end of the day what we get (and can write about) is what you see on the videos posted. It’s not the most ideal situation for a beat writer, but we roll with the punches.