Houston will be without two O-line starters Saturday.

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The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Houston will be without offensive line starters Kevin Forsch and Ralph Oragwu. Joseph Duarte of the Chronicle reported that the two suffered apparent leg injuries in last week’s loss to Louisiana Tech. Bryce Redman will start in place of Forsch at center, and DeAnthony Sims will replace Oragwu at right tackle, Houston coach Tony Levine told the Chronicle. The Cougars undoubtedly will be thin on the line and become vulnerable with inexperienced linemen. pass protection will suffer for Houston quarterback David Piland, who made 77 pass attempts last week. He completed 53 of those passes for 580 yards in the 56-49 loss. The inexperience on the line now means that veterans like UCLA’s Datone Jones could potentially have another big day. Cassius Marsh and Owa Odighizuwa could follow suit, too.

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  • VB

    Man, with these injuries, the absence of Case Keenum, Kevin Sumlin and their old offensive coordinator, the Bruin should win by AT LEAST 4 touchdowns. Anything less is a letdown.

    VB’s prediction:

    UCLA 52 Houston 14

  • UB – Ultimate Bruin

    UCLA 55, Houston 10

  • Prepare well and execute, and the score will take care of itself. Don’t get over-confident.

  • Anonymous

    If we don’t win by 7 touchdowns, Mora must go!!!!

  • ucla34

    Ohhhhh……….sheeeeiiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!! Dare i say Franklin has a 3rd straight 200 yd game and Ucla has another 600 yd plus game? Ucla 65 Houston 7! Hope there is no letdown, but with Mora he is such a hard ass, i do not see that happening! Go Bruins!!


    You have got to love the psychological mechanisms that take place in a rabid sports fan’s mind.

    He (or sometimes ‘she’) is ecstatic with the wins and depressed with the losses. And this lays prey to the betting establishments.

    But folks, the betting line is 17 points, so I would not recommend laying more than that because the betting experts know more than we do

  • pv bruin

    “The Arrogant Army Will Lose The Battle For Sure” …
    let’s not get over-confident…

  • bruinbiochem06

    I predict we jump to a quick lead, then keep it vanilla and mainly run the ball.

  • anon1

    Let’s just win this game and not get ahead of ourselves. As Glowbruins stated above, “Prepare well and execute, and the score will take care of itself. Don’t get over-confident.”

  • BSKB

    Does anybody know TV details for this outside of the pac-12 media market? I’m in Houston and would love to watch this on DirectTV. Please don’t say I’m at the mercy of the PAC-12 network.

    PS. UCLA turnout at Rice was more than respectable. It’s a shame the local media hasn’t pushed the ties between UCLA and Houston that the school has been developing. This place is an incredible talent pipeline.


    I’m with GlowBruins ^ You see it in the NFL every year- teams that are the BEST, always lose to an ‘insignificant’ team- I don’t know if it’s over-confidence or what.

  • VD’s Son

    I’m ashamed to be a part of this family: Daddy only went to 6 weeks of JC, and Grandpa has moobs. I hope intelligence skips every TWO generations.

  • Sec21R14S110

    how soon until big Ellis McCarthy is starting ahead of Cassius Marsh who still hasn’t shown me much…the dude is all talk, no action. I say start McCarthy over him now!

    Yeah I know it was his missed assignment on Taylor Martinez’ 92 yard jaunt to the house but he’s got way more upside than Marsh has shown in the 2+ years he’s played.

  • ted

    no it was ellis Mccarthy who missed the assignment.
    He was looking at the running back and Taylor Martinez ran right past him

  • Anonymous


  • Encinitas Bruin

    I don’t see Mora and his staff letting the team get complacent. He runs a very tight ship, so hopefully no let up or let down.

  • Bruin Gold

    What I want to see is KILLER INSTINCT.

    When the Bruins smell blood, they should hit harder and harder.

    When they step on the opponent’s neck, they should break it. That’s killer instinct.


    Trojies be trollin’ on this blog!!

    What’s up now SUC fans? A little scared that your team played like crap in their last game and showed a lot of chinks in their armor, while UCLA is looking sharp thus far? Trojans have always been insecure around UCLA grads because we outrank them in virtually everything except foozeball.

    And I’m not even saying that UCLA is back just yet. If we beat Houston and Oregon St., then I’ll definitely say that we’ve got a good team.

  • CrouchingBruin

    @BSKB, I know of no other option outside Pac-12 Network; sucks because AT&T UVerse (which I subscribe to) doesn’t carry Pac-12 Network, either. Perhaps there’s an internet site that might stream the game. Otherwise I’ll head over to the local sports bar in town to catch the game.