Chew on This: UCLA DB’s ready to step into spotlight as Bruins set to welcome pass-happy Houston.

“It’s an opportunity for us to showcase how good this (defensive backs) core really is. You know the ball is going to come and you’ll be able to have a chance to make plays, and that’s all you want as a player.”UCLA CB Sheldon Price

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  • Anonymous

    Funny that you selected a photo from Price’s most forgettable game.

  • incalos

    Well, thankfully we have a staff that believes in their and properly coaches their backups to have them ready at all times. Price was coming off an injury and should have never been on the field. But Rick’s staff never properly had his starters nor their backups prepared. #NEWBREED

  • j_doe

    I am glad Price is confident. I a sweating bullets about “Captain PI” AKA Aaron Hester.

  • Anonymous

    uh-oh. Shelly’s talking again. Hate to tell ya, the defensive backfield looked better than it had in 3 years w/o you, your 10 yard cushions and 10 minute celebrations over ordinary tackles.