Quotables: UCLA’s Datone Jones on defense mentality

I’m working on a Datone Jones feature that will run in Thursday’s edition of the Daily News. As I finished transcribing quotes this one really popped for me and I wanted to share it with you all in case it doesn’t get in the feature. I asked Datone Jones what’s been the biggest difference in his game this year compared to last year. Here’s what he said:

“It’s not me it’s our entire team. We play great team defense and things are opening up not just for me but for the other guys too.Our mentality is a race to the football. I know that if I don’t run to the football I’m not working, and we all know that if you’re not working hard you’re not gonna eat. We’re hunters and gatherers on this defense. We hunt and then we eat.That’s how it is in real life.”


    “We hunt and then we eat?”– Maybe this guy meant it metaphorically (or maybe not), but I would like to know if this brute’s ancestors descend from some unknown cannibalistic island hidden away in the Indonesian chain?

  • Tim

    *ignoring Be Real, just like everyone else on this board/in his life*

  • Bruintx

    Good one Tim 😉