Tuesday Practice: UCLA coach Jim Mora

UCLA coach Jim Mora spoke with reporters after Tuesday afternoon’s practice. I’ve transcribed the video below, except for some questions from TV media that already were addressed Monday.

Opening remarks:
“Our first day of physical work for Oregon State and players got a chacne yesterday to look at them on film on their own time today. I think they have a healthy respect for Oregon State as a football team. They play hard with a lot of passion, great technique. It’ll be one heck of a game Saturday at the Rose Bowl.”

On how much Oregon State’s offense is to what UCLA has seen the last three weeks:
“A lot. We’re going to see some real runs. We’re going to see some power, some counters and some lead draws. We’re going to see three tight end sets. We’re going to see four wide as well. They do a lot of different things. It’s a lot different than what we’ve seen the first three weeks. It’s just a good challenge for us. We need this right now. We need to get back to some hard nose football on defense. It’s always good to follow up a game where the ball’s in the air a lot with a game with teams that can run the ball.”

On possibly moving personnel:
No, not really. It could influence what defenses we play. When you’re playing a spread team you’re playing a lot more your dime personnel. This week if they’re going to three tight ends we’re not going to dime. We’re staying in our 3-4 stuff. In general if they’re going three tight ends, a back and a wide out .. .if they put big guys on the field we want to put big guys on the field. If they put speed on the field, we want to put speed on the field.

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