Answer Friday: Here’s Part 2 of 3

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If you and Edward Lewis are sitting at the Father’s Office and there are 3 pitchers of Beer and 4 Cheeseburgers and 4 orders of fries on the table can you guys consume everything on the table within 1 hour?
I’m assuming we’d have to split the food and drinks evenly. If that’s the case, then it’s a no-brainer. I can handle. As for Edward, the kid’s a stick. He might need to tag someone in.

Having first hand experience by being around Coach Mora during camp, practice and during games, what’s your take on his passion for being at UCLA? Do you get the impression that he’ll stick around for a while (a la Terry Donahue) or will his origins in the NFL tempt him to pull a Harbaugh (a la Stanford)? If Sarkisian gets the axe at Washington, do you think he’d jump at the opportunity to coach there because of his ties?
Wow, that’s a tough one. First, I get the sense that Mora truly is enjoying his time at UCLA, albeit it’s been a short time and we’re not even a full season in. Still, you have to remember that the elder Mora coached here so he has SOME connection to the school. Mora’s said on Jim Rome’s radio show that he can see himself at UCLA for a long, long time. Of course, any successful college coach at a major program will get the NFL call, so when that comes who knows if he’ll itch going back to where it’s much more cut throat. At UCLA, Mora gets the chance not only to continue coach, but also mold young players and really be an influential part of their lives. It was that kind of relationship he developed with a player at Washington while rehabing his knee there that made him realize college could be his calling, according to a recent USA Today article. The longer Mora spends time here in Los Angeles the more time his family becomes situated here (schools, comfort, etc) so up and leaving for Seattle would not be an easy decision as some might think just because he played at Washington. For now, no need to worry about his departure. The man just got here, and he’s putting in some serious work.

We heard a ton about what a beast Brandon Willis was during camp. Has he even gotten any run in the games? Could you provide an update on what is happening with him?
Willis has seen little time and that’s because I think he’s struggled putting on weight, which is critical for any player on a team that utilizes a 3-4 scheme. Willis told us in camp that he desperately tried putting on weight but he just couldn’t do it because his body would lose it through workouts. Also, as a college kid he said it’s tough eating 3 to 4,000 calories every day. It’s not only a lot to handle, but expensive.

The question and answer crap is the worse thing you could of ever brought back. Having to listen to everyone kissing there own ass to say how they are the best Bruin fan in the whole wide world makes me want to puke.Please please please go back to just giving us great info and video, I promise your going to hate this schtick just like dohn and gold.
You’ll soon see that we all benefit from this weekly session. You get to communicate with me, and I get the pleasure of interacting. It’s also your chance to keep me honest and accountable. So far, this is a lot of fun, and I’m really enjoying this back-and-forth.

This is a question for Noel Mazzone if you can ask him. I’d like to know why or what his thinking is for being on the sideline during games rather than in the press box like many offensive coordinators do?
I meant to ask him this earlier this week and it just slipped my mind. I promise I’ll ask on Tuesday!

Malcolm Jones leaving the team: completely his idea or encouraged by the coaching staff? Any idea where he’ll end up?
No idea where he’ll end up, and to be honest, it’s not something I’m comfortable asking the running backs coach or any coach for that matter, simply for the fact that this couldn’t have been an easy decision for Jones and also the fact this team has moved on. Can’t look too much at the past and ponder. My two cents is that his body type just didn’t fit this offense, which thrives on speed and elusiveness. That was just the reality of how things worked out.

How come many of your videos open without sound?
You mean when the actual video begins (Daily News logo) or the interview itself? If you’re talking about the interview itself you’re probably hearing a fade-in sound I do for all my videos. I do that because most of the time the interview itself takes a second or two to start so I cut out the dead air/pleasantries that I doubt you guys really care about. If you want, I’ll stop doing fade-ins and fade-outs so you can hear everything. Please let me know if that works better.

How are season and other advance basketball ticket sales going so far? Is the AD’s office happy with how it’s going?
That’s something I can certainly get on as we approach the basketball season. Right now, football’s just one big animal to handle.

Restarting Q&A? Melendez…we hardly knew ye.
Sad to see you go.

Is the coaching staff still interested in once commit Tairen Owens? He was part of the 2012 class that flipped from UW to UCLA but had some academic issues.
I would imagine they are since I heard way back on signing day they desperately tried getting him admitted, but to no avail. Owens, whom I covered at Muir High for three years, would fit perfect in this offense and really, I think, would have competed for immediate playing time. The kid’s got tremendous speed, he’s athletic, has soft hands and is extremely coachable. Owens currently is playing at Pasadena City College. I’ll have to make a visit and ask him myself, but I can’t imagine that his interest in UCLA has wavered. The same goes for the coaching staff.

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