Answer Friday: Here’s Part 3 of 3

Your third installment of answers brought to you by nobody.

One big worry about Mora when he was hired was his lack of college experience. Besides him not knowing he could withhold injury reports (not a huge issue), have you seen his lack of college experience be a factor?
Not really. He seems to be very studious of the game, and he seems to be the kind of guy that’s fully engaged in whatever he’s involved with. He learned the recruiting landscape pretty well and was smart enough to know that he needed to surround himself by smart and proven coaches. He did exactly that. I think the only issue he’s had was his radio interview regarding murders across campus. He underestimated that any comparison he makes about UCLA and other schools will be directly linked to USC. Nothing else beyond that.

If USC loses to Oregon and Stanford, but beats UCLA, and assume UCLA’s only loss is to USC, would USC still win the Pac-12 South and go to the championship game, or would UCLA go, with less overall conference losses?
UCLA would advance with the better conference record. But don’t get ahead of yourself just yet.

We used to be in the AHS Moor Band together, glad to see you making great strides in your career! It sucked playing all those SC Band pieces, especially because I ended up at UCLA. Great job on the blog so far, got a prediction for UCLA’s W/L and recruiting class ranking for 2012/2013?
Frank, my memory isn’t the best right now but you do sound familiar, and we obviously go way back. I think it would help to know what instrument you played. I’m thinking either tuba or clarinet. Sheesh, who knows but the Warner era goes way back. Nice to see you’ve don well, too. As for UCLA’s record, I said on a radio interview that the Bruins could go 8-4. But I might have to change that to possibly 10-2 or 11-1. USC and Stanford are going to be tough, as will be Arizona and Arizona State on back-to-back weeks. As for UCLA’s recruiting class ranking, man, that’s a tough one. After it’s all said and done a top 10 class is not far fetched. Thanks for the blast from the past. P.s. I still have my trombone from freshman year.

What are your thoughts on Lane’s banning of your counterpart Wolfie last week?
I thought it was an overreaction. Should not have happened since Scott Wolf never violated the media policy, which stated reporters could not report on injuries suffered at practice or strategy schemes. Our Tom Hoffart reported all this, but remember that Wolf broke a story about the kicker through sources, not on events witnessed at practice. In fact, if I remember correctly, Wolf either wrote the story from New York covering the USC-Syracuse game or the following day. That being said, I can understand where coaches are coming from. They don’t want a competitive disadvantage, but we also have a job to do. It seems like the Pac-12 has finally gotten wind of how big this subject has become, which is why they’ll mull over the idea of implementing a uniform policy providing an injury report. It’s a start.

What is the criteria for “proper” postings on your blog? SC’s Wolf allows every profane word and idea imaginable. You’ve already deleted one of my vanilla comments, so I am curious as to what will be censored.
I have no reason to delete comments so far. None have been offensive to me or anyone else. So your statement that I delted one of your vanilla comments is false since I’ve deleted not a single one. Here’s where I come from on this: you’re all adults. Most of you are UCLA fans. I think if you want this blog to run smoothly and with class you’ll all monitor yourselves. Now, if I see that it’s getting out of hand and sentences are riddled with cussing words then I’ll have to put an end to it. So far you’ve all been great. Keep it up.

Oregon State held perennial rushing powerhouse Wisconsin to just 35 yards rushing. What do the Bruins O-Line and Mr. Franklin need to do to ensure this won’t happen on Saturday?
First, it helps that the Bruins might get back Jeff Baca. He’s the lone upperclassman on the O-Line. His absence was huge as you can tell from their performance against Houston. Still, the Bruins managed to rush for over 247 yards despite a struggling O-Line. Baca’s return will help. Johnathan Franklin needs to remain patient for blocks and let his natural ability take him over. This is to say that he doesn’t need to take over. Damien Thigpen showed a glimpse of what he’s capable of doing last week. I wouldn’t be surprised if his coming out party comes Saturday vs. Oregon State. Just a feeling.

How much have you seen of phase one of the Rose Bowl renovation? Was that your phone ringing at the end of Mora’s Monday presser?
Ha ha, no. That was not my phone ringing. I always have my phone on vibrate. Always. As for the Rose Bowl renovation, I’ve seen some of it from afar. I live five minutes away from the Rose Bowl, and when I used to jog there I’d see construction being done every single day. My former paper, the Pasadena Star-News, just reported that an extra $6 million will be added to the renovation cost because of “unforseen conditions, the scope of work and the milestone date for the first UCLA game.” Not sure what any of this means, but I can tell you that the work is very evident. You guys can see it with the new video boards, new scoreboard and premium seating. I can see the renovations in the press box with its beautiful design and feel inside with brand new seating. Whether it takes longer to complete I’m not sure, but it’s the Rose Bowl. I can’t imagine that they won’t want to make sure that this not only gets completed in a timely manner, but that it’s done correctly.

Is UCLA sticking to the 8 man rotation on the DL and does Stanford beating USC help UCLA? (Stanford high academic standards)
I’m not sure if I can answer that first question since I don’t want to violate policy by reporting on schemes. I don’t know that Stanford beating USC helps the Bruins directly. First of all, UCLA’s had no trouble in the past getting top recruits. The problem’s been their losing ways. You can’t ask top recruits to sign when you’re not putting out a good product. Fix the prodct and the recruits will come in droves.

Do you think 50-0 will be in the UCLA players minds when its 28-0 USC at halftime this year?
We have a fortune teller among us?

Aren’t $C trolls annoying?
My best friend whom I’ve known since I was 8 years old is a senior at USC. A girl I dated for a bit earned her doctorate degree there and one of my favorite band directors graduated and taught there. They’re not all bad.

Are you going to continue video interviews of one player a week using 10 questions from the fans?
I wasn’t aware of this feature, but I’m totally up for it. Info please!

Who do you think will be the surprise of the Pac-12 this year?
UCLA is an obvious pick, but I wanna say it’s a tie between Cal and Arizona. I was never high on Utah, even though they have some standout players of their own.

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