Adding insult to injury? Oregon State’s Mike Riley treats In-N-Out to celebrate upset win over UCLA.

Above: Oregon State coach Mike Riley stands in front of In-N-Out (Photo: @Coach_Riley)

By now most of you have heard about Oregon State coach Mike Riley living up to his promise of treating his players In-N-Out provided after the Beavers beat UCLA, 27-20. Riley wasn’t kidding, of course, and took to Twitter to post the photo you see above. Riley ordered about 200-plus double-doubles with friends. If I was Riley I’d go baller status, pull out the black card and upgrade the order to include a milkshake and animal style fries. You hear it every time an out-of-towner visits California: first meal, In-N-Out. David Beckham did it, and the first meal that Mila Kunis had after she completed filming “Black Swan” was, you guessed it, In-N-Out. I was a little disappointed when some of the Oregon State beat writers bashed In-N-Out when I overheard them in the press box after the game debating where to grab dinner. Someone even wondered what a Four-by-Four was. As a lifelong Californian I probably should have stepped in and schooled them on the finer things in life. When we were in San Bernardino for fall camp, Edward Lewis and I paid a visit to Five Guys. Good burgers, but nowhere near In-N-Out’s quality. And to anyone who disagrees answer me this: Why is there always a long drive-thru line and a long wait when dining in? I rest my case.

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