Tuesday Report: UCLA coach Jim Mora and QB Brett Hundley after the first early morning practice.

UCLA coach Jim Mora
Opening remark:

It was good to get out here going early. The energy was good. I thought they were really focused in. I just liked the enthusiasm, energy and focus. So, good preparation for Colorado. Good start.

On altitude in Colorado:
I don’t think it really matters. You get in there at 5:30 and the game’s at 4 you’re there less than 24 hours. I don’t think it’s a big deal. I lived there for six years. It never bothered me. I was 6-years-old.

On playing Denver while in the NFL:
All the time. It never was an issue. It never was a problem.

On Kenny Orjioke:
Just great effort in practice. He’s been doing a lot of service team. Just really been doing a good job making it hard on people. What we’re doing is looking for competition every day. We’ll put guys in position and say, ‘OK, whoever practices better this week … ‘ A lot of times with these young guys is gonna be the guy that plays and gets his chance on special teams, and Kenny consistently over the last couple weeks has been that guy. So we gave him a chance and he did a good job on Saturday so he’s earned another chance. He’s a big good looking kid. He runs fast. He’s very, very smart. He’ll do some good things for us.

On expanding Orjioke’s role:
We don’t want to limit what he can do. Right now, he takes his work during practice with the scout team, giving us looks this week for Colorado. You never wanna limit what a kid can do, and the last couple weeks he’s come on, so we’re encouraged by that.

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