Wednesday Report: UCLA coach Jim Mora explains why he threw media out of practice, says open practices will resume Thursday.

Hat Tip: BruinSportsReport publisher Edward Lewis

UCLA coach Jim Mora
Opening remark:

Excellent practice this morning. I think they’re liking this practice. They might tell you differently when they have to get up at 5:30 but I think when it’s over it’s a good feeling. The energy has been really good at practice. They start classes tomorrow so I think that’ll change the dynamics of everything we’re doing a little bit, so we have to adjust to that. We have to preach to these kids to balance everything out, budget their time right. They have to manage classes, they have to manage studying, they have to manage football treatment, film, all that stuff.

On throwing the rest of the media out of practice:
We had some issues with our (sports information department).

On any worrying about lack of focus once classes start Thursday:
I worry about a lot of things. All we can do is keep impressing upon them to budget their time right and not procrastinate, do the things that you have to do in life. This is their training ground. They’ve gotta learn how to do it. I think we’re really fortunate here because we’re on a quarter system so we get four games in. They kind of had three games to adjust to the morning schedule before they had to go to classes, so I think that’ll help them.

On keeping a special eye on the freshmen:
You know what, having been in summer school that help a little bit. It’s not like they haven’t been in classes. They just haven’t had to budget their time between classes and the football. They had the workouts but they didn’t have practice and games. We have to keep an eye on them, but our academic support staff is unbelievable. I think they’ve done it. I haven’t. Maybe I’m more worried than I should be.

On any concern that throwing media out of practice inflames feud between reporters and coaches elsewhere:
Our practices are open. Our practices will be open tomorrow. Today’s practice was closed because we didn’t have proper security. I’m not going to jeopardize what we’re doing as a football team because of the incompetence of some people.

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