Answer Friday: Here’s Part 1 of 2

Your first batch of answers…

Note: I apologize this was posted late in the afternoon. I was at a friend’s funeral most of the morning. This week has been hectic, to say the last. Thank you all for your patience.

kevlabry asked:Do you think UCLA will experiment against Colorado?
Well, with Jordan Zumwalt out (head) that means Damien Holmes will move outside, and Jim Mora already said Ryan Hofmeister will see more time. Also, true freshman Kenny Orjioke (6-4, 222) could see more time now aside from speical teams.

The Wall is the Soul asked:What has happened to and what is the status of Geoff Strand, the alumni cheerleader?
By the time I caught wind of this it was already late Thursday. I’ll try to find out.

David Wysocki asked:Is there a rule against kicking the ball deep on an onside kick attempt?
There’s no rule against that, but the trick comes in accomplishing it, which is not as easy as it sounds.

ucla34 asked:Hey Miguel. I watched the game and although it was a tuff loss, we still should have won. People forget we have a young team with a bunch of freshman starting and maybe expectations ae not real at times. That being said, did the coaches acknowledge dropped passes that could have led to or been touchdowns?
More than several dropped passes, some that should have easily been completed and others that were a bit overthrown that made it difficult for receivers to be in good position to make a catch. But UCLA’s biggest concern wasn’t those dropped passes. It was the undisciplined style in which they played. Penalties at the most inopportune times and the inability to put points off of turnovers. UCLA QB Brett Hundley was asked earlier this week how many points he thought were left on the field. He said a couple.

Ian asked:Any idea why Aramide Olayian doesn’t get more (playing time) at outside linebacker?
Bruins have good depth at the position. It’s a wait and see approach.

Is malcolm jones transferring pretty much set in stone or is there still a chance that he sticks around either as a running back or switches to middle linebacker?
From what I understand it’s all but a done deal.

What happens if shabazz doesnt get cleared by the ncaa, is he just ineligible the rest of the year or is he never allowed to play collegeball?
That’s a complex question with complex answers. Remember, the NCAA warned schools recruiting Shabazz that things weren’t looking good in terms of his recruiting process and that possible violations may have occurred. As the season approaches I’m betting we’ll learn more.

Bruin Brian asked:Just wanted to remind you that I asked last week to see if you could ask Coach Mazzone about being on the sidelines during games rather than in the press box. You said you forgot so I’m hoping this reminder will help.
You’ll have to forgive me AGAIN. I’ll do that first thing Tuesday when practice finishes and I’ll post the answer on the blog that afternoon.

Agree with you on the In n Out comment, Five Guys is over rated (and twice as much). How about the Habit, a bit more expensive but good.
Forgive me, I’ve never heard of the Habit. But don’t worry, I’m giving up all fast food starting Sunday night. I was at a steady 225 pounds before I took over this beat in August. I’m at about 260 now. It’s all gone downhill, but I plan to get back into it by eating healthier and making more trips around the Rose Bowl loop.

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