Answer Friday: Part 2 of 2

Your second batch of answers….

Sakes Alive asked:What is the status of Hundley’s ankle?
I agree with you that he was a step slower. You can see that he wasn’t as mobile and planting his foot gave him some trouble. When asked earlier this week if mobility wise he was feeling 100 percent, Hundley answered, “Yes.” He didn’t elaborate, which leads me to believe that it may not be as 100 percent as he says it is. I think with time it’s improved, but we won’t really know until he gets out there Saturday.

localbruin asked:I never thought I’d miss Michael Norris, but watching Price and Hester has me wondering if Mike still has a year left. Ucla won’t beat good teams with those two at corner. Who else do the Bruins have?
UCLA has a variety of options at cornerback once Hester and Price graduate. Marcus Rios will be seeing a lot more time now that Ishmael Adams is out for the year. Fabian Moreau has been doing exceptionally well considering the amount of time he’s had to learn the position since making the switch from wide receiver. Randall Goforth can be dangerous at safety and at corner. So there’s tremendeous young talent waiting in the wings.

One of the first things Mora did as coach was put an end to that stupid over the wall tradition. He has been praising the maturity of the team so far. Do you think he is surprised that this team he likes was basically the same bunch of clowns who went over the wall last December?
I don’t think he’s surprised at all. I think he got a good sense of what this team can be early on. Mora to me seems to be the kind of person who is a good judge of character. What this UCLA team needed was disciplined, and Mora brought down the hammer when he needed to, but remember that he’s a player’s coach, and the team has bought into his style and approach.

BruinRogue asked:Any changes being made as far as tackling and not giving up the big play on D?
Tackling was a concern in last week’s loss to Oregon State. UCLA spent a good time going back to fundamentals on tackling. The Bruins will need to wrap up against Colorado’s Christian Powell, who is no easy guy to bring down at 6-foot-, 235 pounds. Look for the Bruins to pursue when he’s got the ball and expect the Bruins to tackle as a group, because one guy ain’t gonna do it.