Wednesday Report: UCLA coach Jim Mora with an update on Jordan Zumwalt and Greg Capella.

On Jordan Zumwalt if he practiced:
He did. We had him in the red jersey. He wore his helmet. We’re trying to keep his head out of there. Tomorrow he should be full speed. Yeah, he’s going to play. I don’t know how much or if he’ll start. You know we’re always trying to find the best use for our personnel. The fact he didn’t practice and was limited today, in my mind, knowing he’ll be a little limited on Saturday, but he can spell Damien, he can spell Anthony Barr. Jerry Johnson should be OK. He’s still a little bit sore, but he’ll be OK.

On Greg Capella:
He’s out this week. His head. He’s still got headaches. Like from the get go in spring, we have to be careful, especially with a guy that has a re-occurring problem. I’m not sure that this was a concussion, but it was an event. So we have to be careful with it.

On whether Keenan Allen is a player you have to scheme:
Sometimes you’re just preparing for a scheme and sometimes you’re preparing for a scheme and for a certain player within the scheme, and I don’t think he’s the only one. They have three really good running backs, but Keenan is a guy you better have an answer for. You can’t go in a game without a way to the best you can eliminate him on certain plays. He’s a guy that you scheme for, absolutely.

On the importance of having multiple receivers for the tempo:
It’s really important. We want to try to go fast. When we’re going fast and going the tempo we have to have a lot of players play just to spell each other a little bit. I think that’s two week sin a row we’ve had 11 (players catch a pass). We get eight, 10, 11 guys every week and spread it around. That way everyone can play fast and we can be fresh and be sharp.

On defenses not able to zero in on one particular receiver:
I think with us, I would imagine, that teams prepare for us just like we prepare for most people, which is the schemes first and individual players second. Johnathan Franklin is the guy that’s making the most noise out there. It’s hard to scheme for a running back. You have to play good, solid, sound, gap-control defense and tackle well.

On the importance of Johnathan Franklin:
I think it’s important that we have success running the football even though we’re a team that spreads it around and throw it. My general philosophy is you have to be able to run the football regardless. Johnathan and Damien (Thigpen) and Jordon (James) and those guys have to be able to make some tough yards. And we have to be able to block it up front because it’s a good defensive front we’re going up against.

On going up against guys he recruited, like Bryce Treggs and Chris Harper:
That was different last week seeing (Colorado running back) Christian (Powell) out there. I tried to find him after the game just to say hi. I think he got hurt a little bit. Bryce is a special kid. I had a great relationship with Bryce and his dad. As a matter of fact, still talk to his dad and him on occasion. When they decided on signing day or the night before they called us to say they were going to Cal, I said ‘We look forward to seeing you. Can’t wait to say hi to you, but understand that when we get on the field it’s going to be a battle.’ Bryce is a great kid, same with Harper. It’d be great to see them. Great to see them after the game and see how they’re doing.