Answer Friday: Part 1 of 3

Your first batch of answers ….

Anonymous asked: Sorry if its already been covered, but does Lucien qualify for a medical redshirt this season?
No. He’s redshirted last year and was five games into the season having seen significant time on the field.

VB asked: 1) What is up with Ricky Mavray? He had some glimpses of greatness the past few years, but I haven’t heard one word about him this season? Do you think his playing time increases now that Devin Lucien is out? 2) Does UCLA beat Cal this weekend? 3) Were you at practice during the “Mora blowup” at the sports information director? Was it really as big of a deal as TJ Slimers made it out to be?
Marvray is still with the team, but I get the feeling you’re asking why he’s not seeing time on the field. Well, he’s seen little time, and my guess that has to do with the fact that his back just doesn’t seem to be at 100 percent. Yes, UCLA beats Cal this weekend (my prediction will come later in the afternoon) and, no, I was not at practice when the blow up went down. I had a morning meeting and missed my second practice since fall camp started back in August. I gathered from people I spoke to who were there said it was not a good scene, and the sports information took the brunt of Mora’s wrath. Since then, everything has been smooth sails.

Bruin Brian asked: O.K., Miguel last time I’ll try……….can you ask coach Mazzone my question about being on the sidelines?
I’ll give you exactly the response I got from Mazzone:
“What, does he want me to go in the press box? Would that make him feel better? (Mazzone laughs). Well, I’ve always been on the sideline. Basically, when you’re in a tempo offense, and if you look at all the tempo offenses — West Virginia, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State — most of their play callers are on the sideline. For one thing, it speeds up getting plays in and out. It can happen faster. You’re down there and, at least for me, I’m down there and I get to see and feel what the pulse of the game is going, how the quarterback is doing and get the feel for the game where to me in the box is a little sterile.”

Resource Guy asked:I’m guessing Mora won’t give up who he is planning on redshirting, if anyone, but I know they keep stats on minutes played for each player. Is there anyone from the last recruiting class that has not played at all? What is the status of Castro and Williams?
No status update on Castro or Williams. I’m assuming you’re asking about Mora’s recruiting class. If that’s correct, then from what I can remember here are the players who have not played: Justin Combs, Colby Cyburt, Mike Fafaul, Devin Fuller, Jake Hall, Zach Hernandez, Carl Hulick, Nate Iese, Taylor Lagace, Conor McDermott, T.J. Millweard, Jerry Neuheisel and Aaron Porter.

jw asked:why is coach mora so hostile to the media?
He’s just trying to protect his players. I can understand that, but I think he now understands that we have a job to do, and he’s been pretty cordial with us since he threw out the media from practice.

bibs asked:What is the status of this year’s basketball recruits?
To be honest, I’ve been pretty focused on football. As basketball approaches I’ll be sure to get on it.

ucla34 asked:I think we can definitely win the pac 12 south and beat Oregon in the championship game. Your thoughts?
It’s not out of the realm of possibility. UCLA has talent to win now, and if they can play with consistency they have a good chance. Before the season started the mere idea they can win the south division was laughable. I think nobody is laughing now.

RainMan asked:I guess a lot of us are wondering the same things about the roster; I too was curious if Marvray needed to go on the milk container and what has become of Devon Fuller, who I thought was our second-highest rated recruit last year?
Again, I point to Marvray’s back. There’s also a strong group of receivers who are a perfectly fit for the offense in terms of their size and speed. Unfortunately for Marvray, I think his back is still hampering him down a bit. Fuller’s very talented. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t see the field at some point this season. Whether that’s at quarterback or elsewhere remains to be seen.

Anonymous asked:What happened to Brehaut? Has Prince supplanted him as the backup QB?
There’s never been a “back-up” per say. Mora never designated a backup to Hundley. I would assume that Prince has shown a bit more at practice and thus has earned more playing time, albeit in the waning minutes.