Answer Friday: Part 2 of 3

Your second batch of answers…

txbruin asked: Hola, Miguel. Se habla espaol?
Claro que si. Naci en Tijuana, pero cresi toda mi vida en Los Angeles (translation: Of course, I speak Spanish. I was born in Tijuana, Mexico but grew up my entire life in Los Angeles. Oh, and Spanish was my first language).

Anonymous asked: BBall practice starts in two weeks. What is the lastest on the NCAA issues with Shabazz and the other freshmen?
No word on Shabazz. I’ve read reports that Kyle Anderson is close on being cleared.

tomas asked: What is happening with Todd Golper? I know his back has been an issue but it’s hard to believe he played only Special Teams and didn’t get any time at Linebacker against Colorado.
His back was giving him issues before, but you should know that it’s getting better. I would assume that with a high football IQ coupled with a stronger back, Todd would probably have been included in the linebacker rotation. He’s had some bad luck, but you can bet there’s no quit in the kid.

joebruin asked: What is the status of Dietrich Riley?
He’s on track to return for spring camp. When the team is on the field Riley works out running sprints and other conditioning. He posted on Twitter just a few days ago: “207 lbs now. Not close to where I want to be…Dare someone run across the middle when I’m there.” … So, it sounds like he wants to get even bigger and put on more muscle, and when he does, lights out!

gilligan asked: As a USC fan coming in peace, I was wondering do you think Coach Mora will go back to the NFL if he has a good UCLA run? I think the NFL money will be hard to turn down if he is offered another NFL coaching job.
They say money always talks, but this being Mora’s first season I think he’ll first have to establish some big time success before the big time NFL money comes calling. My hunge is that he and his family love Los Angeles and the lifestyle. He works at a great university with a football program clearly on the rise. I would imagine he wants to see it compete at its highest level before he even thinks about the NFL. Plus, having been part of the NFL the last 25 years or so, I think he’s loving college too much to just leave on a whim. In short, it’ll be some time before that even becomes a concern.

E asked: Can you ask Ellis McCarthy what he feels about playing offense and would he be willing to play that the rest of his career here? Or does he want to play D in the NFL?
I didn’t get a chance to ask him. My hunge is he wants to play on the defensive line. But if I see him play some guard on Saturday against Cal I’ll be sure to ask him that exact question when I see him Tuesday.

Anonymous asked: How’s Devin Fuller looking at practice? Can you see him being our #2 behind Hundley next year since he is a younger clone of him?
I don’t know how much I can go into detail about what I see in Fuller. I’ve spent the last two weeks not observing practice so I can’t offer much. He’s talented. He’s fast, and from what I saw in camp he has the ability to throw a good ball with some zip. Critics will point to his size, but he’s also got speed to escape pocket pressure. In short, yes, I can see him competing for the No. 2 spot next year.

Eric asked: W/ a mobile dual threat QB like Hundley we’ll stay successful. can you see some of the back up QB’s Jerry, Milweard etc. transfering to make way for Fuller and other dual threat type QB’s that fit our new system?
Millweard showed in fall camp that he has a strong arm. They can use him in situations and adds another dimension to the group. There’s been no talks that he’ll transfer. I get the feeling he feels he’s talented enough to compete next year once Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut graduate.

kevlabry asked: What makes Cal a dangerous team? You do a great job, thanks!
Thanks, Kev. Cal’s a dangerous team becuase they have explosive weapons on offense. Keenan Allen, Bryce Treggs are two immensely talented receivers, and you can definitely add Chris Harper to the mix. They’re quick and can get you extra yards after catches. Cal’s got three very shifty running backs in Isi Sofele, C.J. Anderson and Brendan Bigelow who have the ability to make some damage in open space and splitting seams. The secondary is active and they play with good pursuit. Cal, however, is clearly vulnerable on the offensive line, which has given up an NCAA-leading 25 sacks this season.

AGreer asked:Saw Rickey Marvray for one play, them at the end of the game Sweets gets minutes and he doesn’t? Is he not doing well in practice or something? Why isn’t he playing more?
Marvray’s work ethic is unparalleled. As I’ve said before, it could be his back that’s acting up again and slowing him down, thus limiting the time he sees the field. Logan Sweet is a nice walk-on who has good potential. He runs good routes, has soft hands and even has some speed.

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