Answer Friday: Part 3 of 3

Your third batch of answers….

Doug asked: I guarantee you that the UCLA staff had a plan in place when they let Printz go. Who do you think they are going after the hardest at QB in this recruiting cycle? Is their a chance they have a silent commit or a commit they feel strongly about committing? If so, who fits that bill? Any chance Troy from Narbonne de-commits from UDUB and comes to Westwood?
Way too many questions, and I’m sure this one went way beyond 50 words …but my guess is if they decided to part ways with Printz they either A) are going after another quarterback and/or b) they are content with the younger guys who are there now, like Devin Fuller, Faufaul and Millweard. Going after a local like the kid from Narbonne would seem to be a no-brainer, but you have to remember Brett Hundley is here and he’s got three more years of eligibility assuming he sticks around.

BruinBry asked: Is Brehaut in the doghouse? Seems like Prince is now the backup.
They say perception is reality. Prince has gotten the bulk of time behind Hundley. Not sure what the deal is with Brehaut, who according to Jim Mora was not suspended for the Houston game.

North Campus Bruin asked: What happened to Jon? Seriously, I missed all of this…
Jon Gold left the Daily News about a month ago and now blogs about the Pac-12 for

UB – Ultimate Bruin asked: Mig! You are no longer “special to” the DN? Did you get the permanent gig as the UCLA beat writer? Did I miss that announcement?
Nope, still feeling special, as in Special to the Daily News. No announcement expected any time soon. In the meantime, y’all stuck with me.

Tony G asked: It seems safe to assume Aaron Porter is redshirting. What have you heard or seen?
I would guess that your assumption is correct. Porter’s just had trouble adjusting and learning the concepts.

BruinRogue asked: Will we utilize Fauria more now that we’re short a dependable guy?
I would imagine, but what they need to do is take advantage of his height. The dude’s 6-7. Lob the ball and let him go after it. Not sure why they don’t do that more often. He should be a no-brainer in red zone situations.

GG57 said:I’d like to know what you think about the OL.
What I think: It seems to me that was the biggest concern for the team before the season started. But even though we have three freshmen starting and the experienced players are still returning from injuries, the improvement is dramatic. The pass protection stands out to me as the biggest improvement so far.What do you (and/or the coaches/team) think? How are they doing with the run game?

I think you’re right. The line has improved tremendously. What you have now are prototypical guys now playing on the edges, and not just that, they’re talented. This is just the start of a dominant and dependable offensive line. Hundley is getting more time in the pocket and downfield blocking has improved in just the last few games. They’re opening lanes and really helping the Bruins establish the run.

BruinBall asked:Can you explain what’s the role of the various receiver positions in UCLA’s spread offense are? I keep hearing about F, X, Y & Z receivers — but they just names for slot versus flanker/wideout receivers?
Shaq Evans and Jerry Johnson are what you would consider you’re X and Z receivers, guys who are on opposite sides of the field. Joseph Fuaria and Darius Bell are your Y receivers, a hybrid of a tight end. And your F receiver is a flanker, guys like Steven Manfro. The offense thrives with quick passes to speedy guys, who then take care of the rest with their speed and athleticism. That’s why you see a lot of quick dumps to Manfro, Jordon James, etc.

peter Blowitz asked:So what ever happened to both alumni cheerleaders at the Oregon State Game? Both were absent.
No clue, honestly.

Nathan Exp asked:Am I wrong to be concerned that the Bruins don’t have a larger RB to pound the ball when they get into the red zone? I wish M. Jones had not transferred.
No reason to be concerned. The Bruins have plenty of weapons and schemes to convert in the red zone. Joseph Fauria has some height and you’ve already seen what Datone Jones can do. Brett Hundley is quick so defenses have to account for him. Again, a lot of weapons for the Bruins in red zone situations.

Marc asked:How best can UCLA football game times decisions be described? I and a friend are having an argument, as I believe that the better the Bruins do, the more 12:00, 12:30 and 4:00 game times the Bruins will have. He disagrees. My belief is based on the networks, in this case FOX and ABC, who “own” those time slots for PAC-12 games. My belief is that they wish to have “better” games on for those time slots, therefore, the better the Bruins do, the more likely they are to be on at those times.I could be wrong, but if I am, I’d appreciate a good explanation of how it works.
I would say that if you made a bet, you would win.

Anonymous asked:Miguel thanks for the game link during the chat for the Colorado game. Any chance another one will pop up during the Cal game?
I’ll try to find one. If I do, I’ll be sure to post it.

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