Blog transition

The Inside UCLA blog has moved to WordPress, but not without hiccups. All the posts from mid-September to yesterday were lost somewhere in between. Rest assured, they will be restored, as should the comments. The recovery process may take a week, so bear with us. New posts shouldn’t be a problem.

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  • mg

    this format is a disaster.

  • cliq

    other suggestion:
    – have the tagged categories show up as clickable from the top menu bar (eg next to Home, have it say “Basketball” “Football” etc, which will then filter by that topic).

    – the “inside ucla” title header is unnecessarily large, and needs to be merged with the banner.

    anyway, whoever runs the IT department… sorry guys, either you guys are understaffed, underpaid, or need to hire better folks. There is barely any thought into the design of the WP site. Can you guys hire someone who knows css?

    • cliq

      not sure where my other comment went but:
      looks like you guys fixed the banner. cool. now add those categories to the menu bar … or even other suggested links within insidesocal

      some other thoughts:
      – get rid of or shorten the “archives”. it’s way too long on the right side. heck you can put another ad there.
      – put facebook/twitter/g+/email share buttons on each post, or fb like buttons
      – bring back the twitter widget on the side. super easy copy paste embed code provided from twitter
      – put a facebook group/page with # of likes on the side as well for this blog. then people can see which friends also read this blog
      – can you guys have a “similar topics” at the bottom of each post? not sure how difficult this is, but it’s a great feature on a lot of news sites and will increase more clicks

      integrating sites with social networks will multiply your readership. it’s 2012.. great first step on moving to WP. more improvements = more readers = more ad hits = more revenue. it’s a no brainer!

  • Bobby Smith

    I like this format better. Way better than the format changes to BRO and Bruinsnation

  • betomas

    jack, what happened to a lot of the comments in past blog entries?? for example, there were some really good comments and links in the Datone Jones article from September 13 that were deleted and only a few were left…actually, I just rechecked and now there are zero comments for that article.

    What a mess.

    • Not exactly a smooth transition, I know. I do believe they are coming back, albeit slowly. Do mention if things are still missing in a week.

      • betomas

        Thanks, Jack. I sure hope the comments are restored. This transition is really dragging on. I was hoping to get some info on the UCLA vs. ASU game by now.

  • betomas

    DAILY NEWS: Thanks for apparently getting rid our past comments and, apparently, our usernames. This makes me want to visit this new blog every day.*


  • Disaster

    Disaster… Big game against asu and they change blog software, lose data, u go look at pauley and post lame pictures… Wtf, is there any info on asu game!!!!!!

  • Reformed Droog

    While we’re complaining…

    Am I really the only person who can see the horrible MS Paint job that was done to the banner to erase Jon Gold’s name?

  • James Katt

    Now that it is on WordPress. I hope the theme used improves over time. I’d like a little more 3D in effects. The blue background should also be darker – just as the Bruins jerseys are darker this year. The baby blue has to go since UCLA is maturing finally as a team.

  • James Katt

    Another thing you can do is to reduce the space between lines so that there can be more information on the page. Otherwise, this looks too much like a beginner’s website.