PHOTO: Quick shots of Wooden statue

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  • Bruwins

    Hey, how about some update regarding Shabazz’s injury and eligibility, What about Kyle Anderson’s eligibility as well.

    • Charles Amante

      How about some updates regarding anything at all. I thought Wang was the new FULL TIME replacement?

  • jose escoto

    How about any updates about football, since we have a game coming up tomorrow…Please? Thanks

  • INawe

    How about any updates… ???????

  • Charles Amante

    This blog blows. It’s gameday and we haven’t had a football update from Wang since he started. BRING BACK MIGUEL!

  • Santiago Matamoros

    The new format is clean.

    Pauley looks good.

    Wooden looks great.

  • Santiago Matamoros


    I’d like this ‘blog to be successful again, and that means you succeeding.

    Instead of trying to pretend that you didn’t get off on the wrong foot with the regulars here, address your error in judgment. Not a politician’s “I’m sorry you were offended” kind of apology, but a sincere, “I messed up. I should have approached this job with some humility” type of statement.

    It might go a long way toward a fresh start, at least with the fair-minded.


  • joseph martinez

    hey santiago, why dont you stfu moron….jack doesnt have to do squat…or are you miguel’s illegal cousin

    • Santiago Matamoros

      Name-calling and hostility is your reply to friendly advice offered in response to Jack’s request for constructive criticism.

      That’s brilliant, “Joseph.”

  • joseph martinez

    what a coincidence, all the posters against jack are mexicans… did you all come in on the same truck? penedejos