UCLA vs. Arizona State: Post-game quotes

UCLA head coach Jim Mora

On what the win does to his team psychologically:
“I think that it helps you believe in what you are doing. When you go on the road and you find yourself in a tough environment and you don’t come from behind once, but you come from behind twice — you’re down 14 to down two there at the end — there is a sense of belief in yourself as a player, in the systems you are installing offensively, defensively and on special teams but only if we don’t gloss over the negatives that still happen in the game.”

On the miscommunication at the coin toss:
“Jeff Locke, who I trust implicitly, told me that he went out there and said, ‘We’ll kick.’ And they asked him if he meant deferred and he said yes I mean defer. There was some kind of miscommunication after that. I tried to appeal to the officials but they were following protocol but fortunately we were able to overcome that. Ultimately, that would be my fault not Jeff’s.”

Kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn

On if he was more anxious watching the final drive or kicking the field goal:
“I was trying to just focus on what I had to do in my technique; keep my eyes back and following through, what I do at practice and throughout the whole year. That was what I was focusing on. It was just quiet. I was trying to stay within myself.”

ASU cornerback Deveron Carr

On being prepared for UCLA’s offense:
“I feel like they put a lot of wrinkles in. We practiced certain things that they did not run at all and it put us in an adverse situation. At the same time I feel like we work hard and we should be able to handle that. We have to work hard and come together as a team. It’s about staying focused and it’s about staying disciplined. Everyone needs to do their job and do what we’re coached to do.”

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  • ZalphaDog

    Nice write up! Jack I’ve got to point out though that the mobile version of this website is really awful now. Looks terrible on my iPhone and it keeps me from checking in : / I’d actually prefer it to NOT redirect to the mobile version if that’s possible. Just my 2 cents..

    • James Katt

      Please turn off the mobile version. Realize that smartphone screens are larger than many computer screens these days.

  • Bruwins

    It’s a perfect day when the Bruins won and $uc loses in the same day.

  • wendell fields

    Thanks Jack, I like to hear what the other team says about the game and I appreciate you posting Carr’s comments.

  • 9UCLA7

    UCLA is back in the AP Top 25 at #25