Mora’s Sunday conference call, Oct. 28

On impressions after film review:
There were some good things and there were some things that we gotta improve on. It was just a good game. It was a good game for us to be in. It was a great game for us to be in and a hard-fought win. We had to come back a couple times to win and we had to come up with some stops and overcome some adversity. It was a great learning experience for us.

On whether or not the win over ASU represents a cleared hurdle:
I don’t know about ‘hurdle.’ It just felt like a good win. It was good to see us get in a shootout and win. You’re always trying to find situations to learn from and I think we learned in that game to keep frickin’ firing. To keep going and fighting and good things can happen.

On Brett Hundley’s play in the fourth quarter:
One way you evaluate quarterbacks is how they respond in pressure situations. Can they lead their team back in the fourth quarter or in overtime to win games? In the NFL, they throw the stat up there and say this guy has ‘x’ many fourth-quarter wins. … Everybody knows you’re gonna throw it and you still throw it and you get it done.

On whether or not the defense needs to make in-game adjustments:
No adjustments. We just have to be more detailed in how we do things. And then I think we’ll be able to clean some things up. In terms of adjustments, we did a good job. We adjusted a lot of things right after the second drive. It was just a matter of we have to be a little more detailed than we were on certain plays.

On making any changes on punt returns:
We haven’t even talked about that. We’ll get into that tomorrow.

On whether or not he discusses the rest of the schedule with players:
I don’t. I did last week and that was enough. They know. You have to win to be in the hunt. They won, and they know they’re still in the hunt. I’m not gonna address it again. I’m gonna focus on putting on a good game plan.

On having success on the road:
I’ve talked to you guys a lot about routine and sticking with our routine whether we’re at home or away. We have everything mapped out in terms of time. We do the same things at the same thing whether we’re at home or on the road. That’s important. What’s important is focusing on the process, not the location, not the crowd, not the weather. Executing and staying focused. Believing in what you’re doing and making plays.

On whether or not UCLA proved itself:
We’re still fighting for respect. We’re still fighting to get better. We are really trying to keep the focus narrow. That’s just on every single day, doing the best job we can. … Improving on things that may or may not be visible to people who don’t watch game film.

On whether or not any players have discussed USC:

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    Fcuk SUCks!

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