Jim Mora press conference, Oct. 29

Transcript after the jump.

On Arizona QB Matt Scott’s potential absence
He’s a great player. He’s having a tremendous year. We have to prepare for their scheme. They won’t change their scheme whether he plays or not.

What do you see from Arizona RB Ka’Deem Carey?
He’s an explosive player. We saw a couple of explosive players this past week too. I think the important thing is we get a real grasp for what they’re doing schematically. … The thing we study more than anything is schemes and tendencies within those schemes. We’re obviously aware of those great players, but as a defense, what’s important is you learn to defend a scheme.

Was there anything the Arizona defense failed to do against Marqise Lee?
He’s not an NFL prospect. He’s an NFL “for sure.” He can start in the NFL right now. He’s a great player. Great players are gonna have great days like that on occasion. Very seldom, obviously, since it was a record. I don’t know how you stop him. No one’s stopped him yet.

On the proliferation of shootouts in college:
These college games are wild sometimes. It’s a new experience for me, some of these shootouts and some of these numbers that are getting put up. I think it has to do with the number of plays that are getting run … That’s beyond anything that I’ve ever imagined. It’s a different game. It takes a little bit of getting used to.

On Eric Kendricks’ 17-tackle performance on Saturday:
He just made plays. He’s been playing well lately. He has a much better feel for what we’re trying to do schematically. When you’re a good athlete and you’re a smart guy, and you get reps, you get better at it. I think he’s getting to a point where he’s getting familiar with it.

On whether or not he expects a shootout:
I hope not. But it very well could be, and if it is, We’ve got to be prepared to play the whole game.

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