Looking back at the Arizona brawl

When UCLA visited Arizona last year, the result was a 42-7 halftime deficit and an embarrassing, bench-clearing brawl. After what was arguably the nadir of Rick Neuheisel’s stint, the Pac-12 suspended 10 combined players from the two teams. With the Wildcats visiting the Rose Bowl in three days, some were asked to reflect.

DE Cassius Marsh, suspended two games last year: “It’s been different. I made some mistakes last year. I was young. It’s a regret I have. I’m past it. I try to live my life being a bigger man and know that the reason I’m out there is to play football.”

Marsh, who was also involved in spring practice scuffles in 2011, seems to have matured this year.

Head coach Jim Mora: “They haven’t talked about it. I haven’t heard anyone even mention it. I think they learned their lesson. The conference was pretty direct in their punishment. I don’t think we have the type of team that would fall back into that.”

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  • This post seems totally irrelevant. In fact, I had completely forgotten about the fight.

  • maze949

    I, for one, appreciate the look back. It was an embarrassing incident, in a horrendous game. Hopefully the “Debacle in the Desert” will never be repeated.

  • CTW

    Who the hell cares about last year’s game???

    To quote that immortal Bay Area writer, Jack London: “Those who can, report; those who can’t, blog.”

    Jacko, you did actually graduate from the Bizerkly skool of journalism right? Then put your parents’ hard earned money to use and report on relevant points about the 2012 AZ v UCLA game!!

    • maze949

      “Those who don’t learn history, are…”. Well, you know the rest.

      I care, because it’s nice to see a little perspective from players who were involved last year, i.e. Cassius Marsh.

  • Frustrated

    The quality of reporting on this blog is pitiful. At least report on the current situation, players and coaching challenges, not bad history.

  • Taylor Hwang

    I’m sorry but what I’ve seen so far is just straight-up lazi-er reporting than Miguel’s

    • maze949

      You are sorry.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Jack, I like the mix. I’m on here nearly every day, and I’ve seen the mix of stories you’ve contributed thus far in the 8 days you’ve been on the job (not counting the three “lost” days with the conversion to much-improved Disqus). You’ve brought us daily reports afer each practice, the great news about Kyle Anderson’s clearance to play BB, an interesting story about the coin-flip controversy, a nice piece about Fairbairn, interesting video footage from the field celebration after the big ASU win, and your take on UCLA’s current position back in the AP Poll. As a fellow professional writer, I think you are off to a nice start. Keep up the good work.

    • Gary Greenacre

      I like the mix and the writing. I’m having trouble finding the post practice updates and the answers to the questions we posted. Disqus is fine but the order of these comments is confusing.

      • EncinitasBruin

        Gary, you can choose how to view comments in the Discussion drop-down menu at the top: newest, oldest, etc. should help

        • Gary Greenacre

          Thank you. I guess that should have been obvious. That feature is another plus for Discus.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Oh, regarding the actual post: That seems light-years away, doesn’t it? I loved CRN’s enthusiasm and passion, but I just don’t see this type of ridiculous behavior happening under Mora’s watch. This team seems more focused and disciplined, and I credit the coaching staff for that.

  • benzo

    Just heard we’re wearing DARK blue uniforms on Saturday. Let’s hope they turn out better than the all-whites.

  • gryme

    What’s the point of bringing back this incident? Isn’t there something else? I’m beginning to think you’re worse than Jon Gold.

  • You used the word “nadir” in your story.

    • EncinitasBruin

      My sentiments exactly. If he starts using semi-colons, I’ll be over the moon.

  • anon

    Mr. Wong. My goodness. Thanks so much for bringing to our attention one of the most memorable episodes in UCLA Football History – and a scene that the whole country got to witness. I’m sure folks like yourself couldn’t have been more giddy with the events that unfolded that night. And now, well. you have a platform to talk about it. Good job. Glad you’re on our side.

  • onigiriman

    The incident was the second lowest point of the year. I’m hoping that this weeks game will be much better for us fans, but it is good to know that Cassius has matured and more in control of himself. Nicely balanced post, in my view.

    BTW: I don’t think previous writers of this blog ever used the word “nadir”. While refreshing, be careful: your education may show.

  • ELConqueror

    Ha ha! I love how Jack just troll-o-lloled the team he covers with this article and video.