Quick Ben Howland media day quotes

I’m not actually in San Francisco for Pac-12 Media Day, but here are some snippets from Ben Howland’s part of the session. The coach expressed enthusiasm for the blend of experience and youth he has on this year’s team, particularly pointing out Norman Powell as a key cog for the Bruins behind Larry Drew. He expects the sophomore — who averaged 4.6 points, 2.2 rebounds and 1.2 assists last season — to be one of the team’s most improved players.

Howland also said that Kyle Anderson will play both point guard and forward on offense, but will typically guard opposing small forwards.

On Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad’s eligibility investigations:
The NCAA review is something we have been very patient with and continue to be. We’ve been as cooperative as possible with the NCAA. We had a very good resolve in Kyle’s position. Very pleased about that. Very optimistic about Shabazz. I can’t tell you how long or when. I’m very confident things are gonna work out and I’m very optimistic.

On Josh Smith struggling with weight gain:
Josh responded great freshman campaign. Josh had a very very good freshman year. Ended up starting that season for us and we lost to an outstanding Florida team in the second round of the NCAA tournament. I think that Josh going into last season, there was a lot of expectation heaped on his shoulders. He didn’t meet the expectation that both he had and we had a year ago. That’s something he’s going to deal with his entire career. He has a body type that’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. If he eats anything that’s out of the ordinary, it’s going to show up on the waistline. … He still has a long way to go, and he’d be the first to tell you that.

We’re really trying to get up and down the court offensively. That’s something that’s probably most difficult for Josh. When he’s in the halfcourt position, he’s really at his best.

UPDATE: Here are full transcripts courtesy of the Pac-12.

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  • benzo

    TL;DR – Josh Smith is still fat.

  • SpaceAgePimpin


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  • i was going to hold judgement on this blog until you got more settled in, but i just cant stand it anymore. this is the laziest reporting i have seen, it is worse than jon gold for crying out loud. i will be calling the daily news in the morning to let them know this is unacceptable. they really made a mistake letting miguel go.

  • sam

    Jack, when exactly do you plan to start covering ucla sports? This blog is currently terrible. I used to come here for unbiased opinions and in-depth reporting, however, the only thing I find now is unbiased opinions copied from pac-12 transcripts and absolutely ZERO reporting.

  • CJ003

    We are a basketball school. We have a chance to win the NCAA title. Cover the team!

  • Reformed Droog


    I know it takes a while to get some momentum in any new job, let alone one that heavily involves building relationships. I think we sense your passion for sports writing, especially given the state of the industry.

    Having said that, can you let us know if the Daily News has made an official decision to focus less effort on the blog? While I think it is a lost opportunity, I can at least understand if it is because the Daily News decided that your time ($$$) is best spent focusing on features. I think us readers would just like to know what to expect.



    • I think I’ve made the mistake of treating different outlets as discrete entities that complement each other but don’t overlap. I don’t link many of the practice reports I write for print; sometimes, some of the main quotes I’ve already posted here or on Twitter, but there’s still info/analysis that has stayed only in print or on the Daily News website. I will start linking stories back here too to make it more of a one-stop shop.

      I also do need to post more here, period, but I hope this addresses some of your concerns.

      • Reformed Droog

        Makes sense. I rarely have time to go hunting for info, so I’ve always treated Inside UCLA as a one-stop shop. Appreciate the response and look forward to seeing more content.