Extras from Johnathan Franklin feature

One anecdote I left out of my Johnathan Franklin story (posted earlier) concerns his grandfather, who died at age 62 right before Franklin began playing football. (He doesn’t know exactly what his grandpa died of, just that he was rushed to the hospital.) When Franklin started his first season of Pop Warner, his coach — by complete coincidence — tossed him a jersey with the No. 62. Franklin still has it stored away somewhere.

Also, if anyone is interested in watching his stint on the BET reality show “Baldwin Hills,” it streams free if you have an Amazon Prime account. Franklin announces himself in the first episode by announcing that he has two prospective girls, which is amusing. He’s heavily featured in season 2 (his lone season), and his grandmother gives him his grandfather’s watch in a pre-prom family gathering 11 minutes into episode 7.

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  • GoBruins

    “Franklin said that his grandfather died right before he started playing football, at 62 years old.”

    I think I know what you are trying to say here, but this is a very poorly worded sentence.

    Time to go back to school.

    Go Bruins.