UCLA vs. Arizona: Game Preview

Here’s the game preview that ran online and in today’s paper. Probably won’t run a live chat here today; deadline will be tight with the 7:30 start to what should be a pass-happy game. Or I could put one here as a space for you to chat with each other, but with minimal contribution from the press box.

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  • psifi

    hey jack, I think the chat is a good idea as it gives fans a chance to commiserate or celebrate together depending on how the game is going.

  • anon

    Seriously? You have to ask???? Oh my…

  • You’re not needed in the chat, no one cares what you have to say.

  • drakejr

    Dude, having a chat setup is all we need. You don’t have to worry about interacting, but if the chat isn’t up, don’t expect many of us to return next week.

  • Jack Wangs

    This guy is such a joke. I GUARANTEE readership and blog views have gone down dramatically