Brett Hundley press conference, Nov. 5

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Quarterback Brett Hundley started off the session talking about the cold weather forecast for Washington State, saying that he hasn’t experienced 22-degree weather for a game before. At around 2:00, he talks about his impressions from film review of the Arizona win. At 3:00, he talks about reacting against blitzes and finding secondary receivers. At 3:50, he says the team hasn’t had trouble blocking out distractions. At 5:00, he talks about how he used the bye week to assess and improve on his own performance, mainly focusing on fundamentals.

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  • Matthew DeCoste

    Thanks for the video! Glad to hear they’re staying focused. I’m a bit worried about the weather, but I’m hoping we show the nation yet again how good we’ve become.

    We’ll be on ESPN2, so we should have a good, nation-wide audience (granted, it’ll be late, but it’s still something).