Sunday notebook, peek ahead

Here’s the notebook that runs in the Monday paper. Jim Mora, predictably and appropriately, is sticking to the one-game-at-a-time mantra as UCLA climbs up the rankings.

The Bruins finally got love from the Coaches Poll (No. 19) to help bump it into the BCS standings. Lots of shuffling could still happen in the conference, but right now the Bruins are staring at Alamo, Holiday or Sun Bowl — the three games that draw (in that order) after the Rose Bowl. Oregon State’s upcoming visit to Stanford should help clear up the picture.

UCLA is currently a 14.5-point favorite over Washington State, but the Cougars lost road games to both the Beavers and the Cardinal by fewer than two touchdowns. I’m very curious to see how WSU players respond to Mike Leach throwing them under the bus.

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  • localbruin

    WSU is a trap game. Look for another sloppy, care-free, lackadaisical Cal-type performance from UCLA who is feeling great about themselves and a “our manhood has been challenged”, hair on fire performance from WSU.

    • g.granillo

      I hope UCLA looks at this game as another statement type of game. I think Mora has them believing, and they remember very well what teams of the past have done, I hope you are wrong! although I’m sure you do too! I do agree that from here on out every team we play is going to play with there hair on fire, especially if we continue to win, we have to match and exceed that.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I love Mora’s intensity and focus, and refusal to look ahead. Playing in the Palouse is never a cake-walk in November. Right now the forecast for Saturday is 34 degrees and sunny. The Bruins can’t do what Arizona did after upsetting USC, and get complacent or flat.

    In contrast, I love how Kiffin is talking about a possible rematch with Oregon for the Pac-12 championship. Thanks for looking past both ASU and UCLA and giving us great locker room bulletin board material, Kiff.

    • g.granillo

      Not that the players should take them light, or not come out expecting the cougs best effort, but it just got easier with wilson suspended.

      • EncinitasBruin

        Yes, when a bad team loses a great player, it hurts more than a great team losing one.

  • PicoRivBruinfan23

    I confidently predict a two hundred yard rushing game from Jonathan. 55-20 win. Not even close. Wsu is that bad.

  • The Big Woof!

    Remember when we were in the process of finding a new coach, several of you on this Blog as well as others were begging for UCLA to hire Mike Leach? Is it not very fortunate we got Jim Mora and not a whining classless individual? Any coach who accuses his college players of cowardice (and locks them in sheds, reason or no) does not belong in a position where he is the molder of young men. Leach himself is a cowardly whimperer who no matter what his coaching abilities are does not belong in a position as a college or even high school football coach. He should be censored by the Pac 12 and fired by his University.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Nice post. I don’t care if you are a manager at a factory, president of an investment firm, or coach of a college team, using shame and public humiliation is the sign of a small, weak leader. Leach is a man not in control of his emotions. Not UCLA material at all.