Jim Mora takes on Randall Goforth Twitter spat

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Last night, it looked like Randall Goforth went on Twitter and started baiting USC players, including wide receiver Robert Woods. The account @RandallG300 had followed hundreds of other people a few days before unleashing tweets such as “USC SUCKS!! WE WILL GET IT IN NOVEMBER 17. ALL ABOUT ACTION NO NEED TO BRAG JUST BE TUNED IN ON THE 17TH!!!!” It unfollowed them shortly after the onslaught of trash talking, dipping from over 700 to fewer than 130. Jim Mora and other players on Twitter immediately tried to debunk the account as fake. The account tweeted that it had been hacked before eventually being suspended.

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  • anon

    Looks like our guy Jack is not going to follow in the tradition of his predecessors and DN Colleagues. No Report Card. No Q&A. No recruiting news or info on what recruits were at the game. He didn’t even want to do a chat on Saturday.

    Just the same old stale blah blah blah info that’s a dime a dozen. Nothing unique or differentiable here. And, nothing wrong with breaking tradition, except only when it brings down the value from what was already established.

    • I would agree I miss those too, but Jack is slowly improving his coverage. I say give him some time. It’s hard to come in mid season and say anything intelligent about the team. There is so much he missed from feb recruiting to spring and fall ball. He’s not an expert on the team yet.

    • kiriba08

      uhhh…most people don’t deal with change very well, lets give the new guy a chance (Jack) to show his stuff over a reasonable period of time.

      If things are not a lot better by this time next year I will be in your camp, but I’m not ready to dogg a newcomer this early in the game.

  • Gary Greenacre

    The one-game-at-a-time focus is repeatedly stated by the coaches and the players. So also is the “we’ve improved and we have more to improve upon” theme. Given just that, trash talking tweets from this team are highly unlikely. And I think that a few seconds of considering what would happen “if the coach found out I did that” would be deterrent enough.

  • Nick Baebler

    I think my biggest issue with the content on this site is with Miguel you felt he was a fan of our team as much as he was a reporter. I felt he was passionate about what he was speaking about. Very similar to carlos Sandoval from go joe bruin site. His emotions wether good or bad show in articles. Hopefully you will become a fan first and a reporter second.

    • kiriba08

      seems to me that a “true reporter” should just report the info and not have any fan bias.

  • Earlier today this tweet came from @Devinlucien15:

    I will be back for USC!!! Heard the best news of my life. Damn, I’m soo happy. Thank God! OMG!!!

    Shouldn’t the beat reporter have a beat on something like this? There’s been ONE post all day about a very exciting football program. Even on ESPN has UCLA on their homepage! Jack, you’re in over your head. I really need to cough up the dough, head over to BRO and just walk away from this whole Daily News debacle.